Is this a scam

Is this a scam the price for the manta was 9,500 Like maybe get a check and they show up get the car and find out the check did not clear? Yeah the pric is ok by me and my creditor in the USA will send you a cashier's cheque of $14,000 and all you have to do when you get he cheque is deduct the cost of the Manta Montage, and Transfer the difference to the shipping company resposible for the pickup of the Manta Montage.

The funds are to be wired via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER so if you are ok with this offer i need your FULL CONTACT ,ADDRESS and PHONE no to which the cheque will be sent to.
Best Regards.


Well spotted guys and it's a tragedy that some honest folks lose their hard earned in this way. If you have time please check out this site. It is the funniest and most compelling reading ever, and the owner of this site has made a career out of scamming the scammers, even getting money out of them, arranging to meet them and catching them on CCTV. He adopts many ridiculous (to us, but obviously not to the average Nigerian)characters and goes at them. He encourages everyone who receives such a 419 letter, to carry out their own scambeating, but read up the tricks of the trade first. I promise it will crack you up... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Scamming the Scammers
Thanks guys I figuered it was. I got no less then 8 of these off an add on I think I may end with some kind of a car haler out of this deal. I will keep you posted.

Pete McCluskey.

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Keith, what a cracker, I love that site. Good to see the scammers getting some of their own back. Thanks for posting it. Funny funny stuff. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif
I have a car all reddy to go on there truck But it might not be just what thay were expecting BillE= No, No Cheque as of yet Car jurk=Hello, thank-you for your mail, my customer contacted me just and was said me that you must have received the cheque by now. j's' will like go you and verify your P. O.the Can Mail can be the check must have been delivered you and if it was delivered you I will like that you returned me through the e-mail as soon as possible good. Thank-you wrote:
Sounds good to me Make check payable to Bill---------------------------------------------------------- Once funds are validated the car will be prepped for shipping.Bill E
Anything with payment by Western Union is a scam. There is NO RECOURSE with Western Union.

Western Union should be used for sending cash to your kid in college or grandma in Florida, something like that. THATS IT.

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Another one.
I'm not a computer buff but the address https:// (
note the 's')might be the scammers address

We recently reviewed your account and suspect that your
ChaseBank Account may have been accessed by an
unauthorized third party.Protecting the security of
your account and of the ChaseBank Network is out primary
concern.Therefore,as a preventative measure we have
temporarily limited access to sensitive Chase Bank Account

Clic The link below in order to regain access to
your Chase Cardmembers Account,simply:

Please fill in the required informations.
This is required for us to continue to offer you a safe
and risk free environment.


Account Online Management
I'm not a computer buff but the address https:// (
note the 's')might be the scammers address

[/ QUOTE ]

"https" is a secure form of the http.

If you get any email from a bank, credit card company, ebay, paypal, ... that doesn't your real name in the email, it's best to assume it's a scam.
I got a check in the mail that was the asking price for the car. It was drown on a FL bank and was a cashiers check. I called the bank they though it was good. But I got a call from them an hour later. They said it was a good forgery. This is the response I
Hello Friend,
Thanks very much for all your patients and understanding,i really
appriciate it,I promise you now that the check has been sent already and i
also want you to know that you will receive it this week or early next week
ok,Just a few days patient ok,I promise you that you will get it this week
or ealier next week ok.
I will be waiting to read from you as you get this message.
Thanks so much for your understanding......

The bank, said they have ben after these guys for 2 years. I offered to help nab these guys but they did not seam the lest bit interested. It would not be hard to get these guys it would just tack the FBI to put some pressure on the there inter net provider. this guy has been using the same address for two years. This guy is out of the UK not zimbobway.
I just got this Email You can take the check to any nearest cashing point and cash the check immediately .
Below is the shippers senior accountant information where you are to send the remaining balance of the money to the shipping company by WESTERN
UNION MONEY TRANSFER today . Once the funds get to them today ,they will immediate arrange for coming down to your location for pick up the Car by tomorrow or next .
Phone: +4477 9867 2546
You can find a western union at any gas-station or supermarket nearest to you ,
After the funds has been sent to the shipping company today, Email me the western union transfer details as stated below for confirmation ;
I expect to hear from you Asap .

You guy's in the UK feel free to alert the authorities about this shipper on your end.

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I will take a copy of your posts and send them to the Metropolitan police who are supposed to cover London.
I would not hold out any hope that this address checks out
or that the name is genuine. The address is just south of the river in the east end of London - not a good place to visit at all. I think the Police only go there in large groups. It's tiger country......
I just sent this to Joe. Joe the check did not show up yet! If you sent it. You must cancel it immediately. We have had someone steeling mail from the mail box in front of our house. I now have a hold on my mail at the post office so, I can get my mail there. Sorry for the inconvenience,


Which Florida Bank was it drawn on? I can have our bank security initiate a fraud alert. It it was our bank, perhaps we can make life interesting for someone.