David Morton

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Arrangements for Keith:
July 16th Funeral at 10:00hrs. Bournemouth Crematorium, Afterwards at the Admiral Tripp in Lymington.
Quite fitting in so many ways as it was the Admiral Tripp Public House that furnished Keith with so many hearty pub meals.
It was 'his' bar.

Dave M

David Morton

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Thanks Paul. My plan is to go from Ian's place near Ashford on Tuesday morning (O720hrs) and returning late afternoon,
I have two empty seats.
RIP Keith, from the other side of the planet. Going to miss your sense of humour and the odd PM about tech stuff and past motorsport history.
Drinking a beer to Keith today.
Best wishes to his friends and family.
I know a few of you on this forum were real life mates with Keith, I’m not sure who you all are but I know David and Ian are two - I’ll be thinking of you today.


David Morton

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Thank you each and every one.
Imagine this:
The arrival at the cemetery was heralded with a Funeral Director walking ahead of a Ferrari Enzo followed by Keith with his Ferrari Shirt and cap adorning his coffin.
The whole event was planned down to the last including Hymns, the readings, brilliant music, Buffet and the weather - incredibly by Keith himself. The Gt40 side of things was represented by James Mcudden, Ian Anderson and yours truly. It really was an incredible send off and I will print off all your comments and forward them to Lisa - Keiths daughter. There is nothing else I can say. Our mate Keith was desperately ill in his final weeks and he is now in a much better place and is no longer ill.
RIP Keith.

Brian Kissel

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RIP Keith ! Thanks for all you have done Dave, Ian, and James. Friends to the end.

Regards Brian

Randy V

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Gentlemen - Thank you so much for representing those of us on
Our deepest respects and condolences for the family at this very sad and somber time..


I'm not here too often these days but was truly saddened to hear of Keith's passing. I've enjoyed his posts, insights and his tenure as a fair minded moderator. Thanks to Ian for positing the details of his service. Keith seems to have had a life well lived and an intriguing personal history. It is also apparent he was blessed by a wonderful family. For those of us who never met him, perhaps a brief bio of his life would be a great tribute and allow many of us to appreciate him further.
Just saw this thread. I didn't know Keith, but appreciated many of his comments and insights. Sorry to hear of his passing. Thank you to those of you who have been communicating the recent events.