Kurtiss' GT-R


Hi Larry,
I ordered the items shown on the schematic from Mouser Electronics. As you know, the steering column is from an 1999 Olds Intrigue. I've attached photos of the parts.
Hope this helps



The Crazy Californian and his wife on the U.S. Tour made it home! The trip to Georgia and back was fantastic. We left Palmdale, CA, and went straight to H’s in Buford, GA. Working with H for two weeks was a fun and rewarding experience and will greatly help my future fabrication needs. On the way back from Georgia, we first stopped in Houston to visit my daughter Eryn and her beautiful family plus we saw Rufus and good friend Marc. Then drove to Phoenix and spent a few days visiting my mother and saw Ken and Danelle Tanner (GT-R builders). Lastly drove to Yuma to visit my wife's family before heading home.

We traveled 5840 miles towing a wide track, 22’ enclosed trailer. There were a few “white knuckle” moments when driving down Road-Work narrowed highways but it was great getting away after being sheltered at home for 6 months due to COVID 19.

Thanks to H, I am months ahead in building my car. Still lots of finishing work to do before paint or interior.