M6B Tragic

Howard Jones

Those of you that are thinking about your own space frame chassis design should have a long and careful look at this chassis. I don't see a single element I would alter. Really thoughtful work.

Some of the most interesting scratch builds seam to come from the southern hemisphere. Really nice build and careful design. I will watch with great interest and I will continue to learn things in the process.

Thanks for posting all those pictures.
This is when I got my chassis back and then made the floor plate out of 3mm marine grade alloy. I used Sikaflex as well as the rivets. Flipped it over and started drilling holes. Lots and lots of holes.


Thankyou Michel, fine praise coming from you, after seeing what you've built

Neil, I'm sorry but I didn't keep count.

Here are some pictures of the front radiator sub frame. I'm trial fitting it after the sand blasting. It's amazing how things distort. Then I completed it with the alloy panelling to duct all air through the radiator.



Udo, if you are seeing distortion after sandblasting, the blaster is using too high air pressure. The abrasive needs to clean the surface, not remove material or work harden the material. Often sand blasters don't discard their worn-out abrasive and simply turn up the air pressure to make it work for a little while longer.
This is when I made my fuel tanks, the driver side is narrower due to the gear change and the water flow and return pipes going down that side. I installed a fuel sender unit to take some of the guess work out of knowing how many more laps can I get in. They are balanced together before going to filters and pumps.
Hi Neil, you're probably dead right, I'm not really seeing that much, just a bit, but that could also be me doing the final welding.