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Mark B.

So it looks like my headlight controls are not working properly. Can anyone with InfinityBox and the Olds (2014+) column chime in? When I turn the headlights on, the dims and brights both go on. Then when I turn the brings on, they both turn off. Has anyone else had problems with InfinityBox adn the newer column? It looks like the inputs are being recongized, but Infinitybox may be messed up on the outputs.

Mark B.

I dropped an e-mail to Jay at Infinitybox and he called me back within a couple of hours -- they always have great customer service!
As it turns out, a few of the first cars with the Olds Intrigue steering column (the one RCR started using in late 2013/early 2014 had the Infinitybox column connectors mis-pinned. He sent me the correct pin-outs which I corrected along with adding one diode and now all is working correctly.
So if anyone has issues with headlight controls, here's the correct pin-outs for the infinitybox side of the connector:

D = Ground (Black Wire)
F = Yellow/Red
G = Yellow/Black
K = Blue/Red
L = White/Green
R = Blue/Black
W = Ground (Black Wire)
X = Ground (Black Wire)
Z = Ground (Black Wire)

There also needs to be a diode installed between K (Blue/Red) and L (White/Green). The stripe on the diode (cathode) needs to go towards K (Blue/Red). Pretty much any diode will work because the required current is very small. A 1N4001 diode works fine.
Here's a pic showing the connector pin locations, but they're also marked on the connector if you look closely:
steering rack wiring.jpg
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Mark B.

I've been getting headlights, taillights, and cameras installed and wired up. Using weatherpack connectors on the front and rear clips for easy removal.
I decided to add side cameras in addition to front/rear since side visibility on these cars isn't wonderful. I went back and forth on the best place to mount them and landed on the front vents.

Fabricated small brackets to get the angle right on the cameras and bonded them in with 3M panel bond.

Cameras are towards the top of the front fender vent so they're not overly noticeable looking from the outside.

Channel 3 and 4 are the side cameras (front/rear aren't mounted yet). Even though they're not sticking out of the car, visibility is 3" from the side of the car at the rear of the doors and 8" from the side at the rear of the back tire so perfect for backing in to parking spots as well as lane changes. The car was sitting on my lift when I took these pics hence the lift posts :). I'll be mounting the screen in in the roof panel as far forward as possible.

Mark B.

I ended up making my own hood hinge out of 1/4" aluminum plate and 1.5" aluminum square bar for the spacer. I need to install pivot bushings still, but they're operational. They're not as pretty as the CNC pieces from RCR, but I got tired of waiting. ;) Given I only have a miter saw and drill press for my machining work, I'm pleased with the result :)

Main hinge plates, 1/4" Aluminum, drilled out to safe a tiny bit of weight.

Spacers, 1.5" aluminum square bar, drilled two 1" holes to save a little weight.

Body-side hinge plates, also 1/4" aluminum, mounted with 5/16" counter-sunk bolts/nuts with 1/8" backing plates.



Shop vac tube makes a great hood prop :). And yes, that's snow in Austin -- my dog is very confused...
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Your hinges look good. I have the machine tools (Mill, Lathe, etc) and I'd be OK with those. But, you might think about increasing the size of your pivot bolt. It's taking a lot of load in shear. Should probably be a good quality 3/8" bolt.

As for finishing those, a router (wood router) with a carbide bit works great on aluminum. You could use a rounding bit to go over the edges. Then sand/polish or powder coat or engine turn (since you have a drill press). All would look great.


If you are hinging on the threads of that bolt you will ream out the hole in no time at all. An orbital sander with 180 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper makes a pleasing surface finish on aluminum.

Mark B.

Thanks guys! Good advice on the finishing. And yes agree with both on the pivot bolts. I ordered 3/8 flanged bearings and shoulder bolts, just didn't have them yesterday when I finished the brackets.