Mark Reid RCR-40 Build

Hi Mark,

Can I assume that you are going with one to one linkages on the carbs ;ie all eight barrels opening together?

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Looks like a modified #1988 Hi-Ram (Tunnel Ram) intake - That ought to stomp some butt out there...
I finished fabricating the alternator bracket and even powdercoated it and the water neck. I tried Eastwood's sandblasted aluminum and it does have the look and texture of blasted aluminum.

As I've been following the other build threads, the issue of front dress clearance has come up several times on the RCR GT40. I kept the alternator pulley below the wp pulley and I have 5 3/4 inches to the front edge of the wp pulley and just over 6 1/2 inches to the end of the pump snout. I could grind 1/2 inch off the snout if needed. Do you think I will have any clearance problems?

I also finished the throttle linkage and most of the fuel line plumbing to the carbs. I have one more line to fab up tomorrow. From the valley flange to the top edge of the air cleaner is 11 7/8 inch (8.2" deck height block). I have an ERA assembly manual and it shows 23.5" from the crank center at the flywheel to the rear clip glass. I have 21 1/8" currently. I plan on getting rid of those restrictive foam elements in the S&M air cleaners and installing K&N elements. I have a choice, one of which will raise the height by 3/8", the other will lower the height by 3/16". I don't fancy the thought of losing any more airflow, but I will if required for clearance and allows me to keep my fancy induction. Any ideas out there?

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I think your alternator is going to hit the drag link on that side. You need to mount it lower and more to the center. I think this photo will give you an idea of where you need to put the alternator.


Thanks, Jonathan, that's a pretty easy fix. I'll use that forward facing boss on the engine block. It looks like that is the one you are using. I appreciate the input!
Well, it's time to dust off this thread. My RCR40 should be on the truck and here on Sunday. It's like an early Christmas at my house! I can finally start installing some of these parts I've been scrounging for the last 6 months. Let the drinking and dancing begin!

Fran Hall RCR

your new toy left today at 3.45pm....

I spoke with Dennis Quella about your RCR supplied ZF trans today and he will be shipping it very soon.

Homeward bound....
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And it got here at 3:00 today (Saturday). I got a call from Jo and Dennis at about noon today saying they were in New Jersey and could deliver at 3:00 today if I wanted it. If I wanted it, imagine saying that!

Here is the truck pulling up:

There she is safely tucked inside:

I live on the beach and they can't get down my road, so we did a direct transfer to a flat bed for the 500 foot journey:

Strapped down and ready to go:

Two minutes later backing under the deck:

And ready to unload:

This is what my garage was seeing:

Many more to come as I get it un packed, so stand by! Jeez, this is exciting!

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Mark -

The car looks fantastic - congratulations! Fran and his crew really do amazing work. I can only imagine your excitement and look forward to your build thread. Beautiful Fall colors by the way.....I hope you have a big rake!

Dave L


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Congratulations Mark...:pepper::pepper::pepper:

Now the fun begins...:D

Looking forward to seeing the build.
Big Big moment......let the fun begin. I hope to be experiencing the same excitement as my SLC rolls off the truck in a months time.

"I've been good Santa"
Looks great Mark, i can only imagine your anticipation when the truck rolled up !
Is that with the + 2" flares and wide track rear suspension ?

Looks great Mark, i can only imagine your anticipation when the truck rolled up !
Is that with the + 2" flares and wide track rear suspension ?

Simon, it is the plus 2" with the wider suspension components installed by Fran's guys. I'm still blown away by the quality. I've built kits from 5 other manufacturers and all around this is the best I've seen. The body is as good as Outlaw Performance (1941 Willys coupe) that is rated as one of the best in the industry.
Spent the beginning of last week stripping the car down and then rebuilding. After a quick trip down to Virginia to see my family for Thanksgiving (Wednesday through Saturday), I got back at it today. I love the dark blue powder coating and it has helped cement my color choice to dark blue with a gold stripe, so I painted the control rods and brackets gold to get an idea of how it would look. I think it looks good!

Mike and I finished the suspension and brakes today. Poor Mike installed the lug nuts on the front right side using locktite and a lot of grunt only to think the studs were too short once he finished all five, so he took them all off again. I then looked at them and told him they were fine, so back on they all went. He's pretty sore at this point!

I also finished the engine dressing, but I don't really like the gold air cleaners. Jury's still out, but they are not doing anything for me. I'll make the final decison once the engine is in and the body painted.

I'm off to Paris on business next week, so no more work until Friday.
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Widebody and blue frame looks great....Original post with your color scheme really sharp.

I too have a ceiling clearance issue and have been looking for a scissors lift...Would appreciate some info on yours (mfg, lowered height ect).

Thanks in advance.

Steve P2125