McCopy mk 5


I love CAN-AM
I can't begin to describe what it was like from the other side of the track in its heyday. McLaren mechanics changing engines, Porsche mechanics struggling to change gearsets in their transaxles, running around trying to find the Goodyear tire rep with his pyrometer, peering down the track waiting to flash a chalkboard to the driver, ... all at about 120 decibels.
We in B.C. had Can Am at Westwood. It was called mountain high racing or thunder in the hills, I have to stop now, my hart is pounding!
Two years and a few hours work just to change a number change...not!
Visually though that`s all it looks like from the outside, closer inspection reveals that it`s a totally different car. Got it all done and into the Speedshow, now it`s time to get those registration plates and do some miles......when the sun`s out. It literally turns into a very fast cold water bath tub when it rains.


Went to go for a drive today and could not fully select reverse gear. I have tried and checked all my connections / gear lever movement and anything else that externally could effect it. The trans is an Audi 012 brand new and it drives fine forward, its just the reverse gear engages partially and pops straight out when you release the`s got me buggered....any suggestions please.
Problem solved...after a good night`s sleep i went down to the workshop and checked the bolt that locks the gear shift arm onto the selector shaft....and yes the bolt head just foul``s the gear box housing preventing full reverse engagement.
Don`t have to pay a visit to the Audi dealer!

Well we are onto what should be our second to last certification check and the usual small bits to appease. Just done an official sound check and we are at 107db and I need around 98 / 99dba. The combined muffler has a division and balance inside and its not practical to amend.(as it will be fine once I get it rego`d). My thoughts are to put some 30 mm perforated tube with baffles to encourage the gas/sound to follow a torturous route out. The tail pipes are approx 400mm long. Any thoughts please as it will also need to be tested for emissions afterwards. I have driven it a little bit and it sure is a head turner and cool to drive.

Randy V

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Have you thought of putting SuperTrapp ends with discs on the tailpipes? Easily tuneable and removable..