Mclaren M8b replica (visual)

So cool! I'm flying to LA Thursday; baby bro and I will drive up Pacific Coast Highway to Monterey on Friday. NOTE - PCH is actually closed right now a couple places because of wildfires - hope it will re-open soon!.
Hi Forrest, well the trip nearly did not happen, my wife, Carol ended up in hospital on the Friday note with uncontrollable back pain that only morphine injections had any effect on. It was sorted by Sunday but they did not want to release her until they had done an MRI scan because they could not rule out that 'C' word. Well we got the scan and clearance late Tuesday and Carol! Was adamant that I would still morning!
It all worked out and off we went...minus phone and contacts so sorry that we did not connect up.
Laguna Seca was just magic, so many cars of interest. It was magic to stand alongside the real M8B and compare! I feel that mine is a really close resemblance and would easily fool many people. There were numerous McLaren's, Lola's and other CanAm cars with the UOP Shadows being very impressive. The Porsche was also amazing, to get to walk around such a collection of cars was bucket list stuff.
Now that I am home, I am having to sort out a major computer infestation needing a complete scrub and reload, consequently nothing works like it should and I am having to use my tablet for basically everything until sorted. The rest of our trip went without a hitch, did some amàizing stuff and arrived home safe and well to Carol on the mend.....would have loved to have shared some of it with trip!
Russell - so sorry to hear about your wife. We made it as well; drove up PCH Friday from LA in the 911; stayed in Pacific Grove. At one point Saturday morning we were getting a bagel; were at a traffic light; there were eleven Ferraris around us in light traffic.

Were at the track all day Saturday, and half day Sunday. We dashed back to LA across the Central Valley (super hot in a convertible with no AC!) to see Yo-Yo Ma at the Hollywood Bowl.

Loved the morning fogs at the track. Took a million pix, of course.

Did you see the metallic dark orange M8D/F clone with all lights and signals, and a current Arizona license plate (pix attached)? I've been trying to find out more, but no luck.

I didn't call; was selfishly spending all my time with baby bro - don't get to see him much.

Next time!



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Mike, no problems so far, I have used the same rack in both my Mclaren race cars and a street car (lotus 7 style) also running a small 3.5 ltr alloy V8.
Well finally the day came for its first run...the weather forecast was rain clearing! well by lunch time it was clear sky`s so we loaded up and headed down to Hampton downs for an afternoon run. Got to the gas station to fill and the phone rings to advise us of the track day was pissing down at the track. Bugger, so took the opportunity to complete the photo shoot for the magazine. It stayed dry until I had it back in the shed no more than 5 mins, and then pissed down, counted myself lucky.
So am yet to see how it actually goes.
The last picture is of a `real` M8B at Laguna Seca.....quite happy with my rendition.
Next track day is in December.


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