MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

Was this the latest MDA chassis Martin? I know that SGT have had input but I must say I like the way the car sits.

From what I remember, the latest (or last) MDA chassis had some nice parts especially the uprights.

Is that a practical ride height for the road?

Hi Kieth,

Yes, Its the very last iteration of the MDA chassis, called the series 2 and is completely different to their first design (The series one was basically a GTD copy). It has a lot of enhancements over the series one chassis and the reason I went with MDA in the first place. The SGT chassis is the best space frame I've seen to date, but my version of the MDA chassis is pretty nice and should work well. SGT were only just starting up when I purchased my chassis and I mistakenly thought they would be higher risk than MDA. Read Stupid.
The uprights are nice and are Cast ali John Wisher designed if not mistaken.

SGT have set the initial ride height but suspension settings have not been tweeked yet, so lets see. It does sit nice though. Very pleased.

Speed bumps are the enemy...


Looks great Martin, you must be pleased. For my sins I am on the orgainising committee of the Camberley Car Show on 31st August. Did you fancy entering your car if completed by then? No cost just the fun of showing your car with 119 others!
Hey Malcolm,
Thanks for the invite. I think Mick is a little sceptical about a finish before September. He's actually booked me into the Eastleigh show on Sept 8th already so that he has a real deadline to work to. If its done by 31st August, I would love to make it, but I won't put any pressure on Mick for completion as he's done such a fantastic job and I don't want to rush the last stage.
I'll keep you posted as to progress.

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Its almost finished.. I drove it for the first time yesterday on public roads.
It certainly drew some attention.
Driving impressions were great although I never got above 40mph.
Steering is light, clutch really easy, gearchange good although a little stiff going into fourth, visibility no big deal, very quiet in the cabin until you hit the loud pedal but for just tootling around it was so easy to drive.
Its going to the Eastleigh car show on Sunday for its first showing.

*Big smiles*



Well done!!!

It has been a long hard mission, great result, I am sure you will enjoy the driving experience.

Come on can do better then that. One photo, that's it!? More photos please as she really looks nice. Inside, backside, engine...give us the lot mate. Wow! Very nice work.
Car looks great!! It sits perfectly, and the wheels fit cleanly inside the arches. Please post a rear shot for us. I haven't decided on the new wheels for my car, but I like the gold ones you are using. Who makes them? (would you send a pm) Thanks,Scott
Nicely done is all I can say and following your build was and is a pleasure.
I can tell you I am not a fan of most of the red colors but that paint you picked out is perfect...great looking car.
Now as was said before lets see some more photos.
Thank you for all the comments,
Here are some photos taken at the Eastleigh show last weekend. I will post some more photos up of the interior, engine etc soon.
It was really great driving the car on the open road. Its still in the very early shakedown phase but It didn't let me down getting to/from the show. Even in the rain !



Hi Martin, Well you got there in the end, great evil looking beast, love the colour, well done
Regards Keith