Mid Engined Citroen DS

Hey fellows,

I am new here.
So to introduce myself, here's a car I have been working on for some time now.

I've always liked the DS shape and think the 2-door/chopped proportions would be a go. A friend of mine started to build one a while ago, so I could ckeck this car had real potential for a custom, even though this would be really exotic .

At that time I was really thinking about building some GT40, factory five GTM, or lambo replica, so decision was made to build a hybrid: a custom DS, with mid engine placement, high HP (LS based) and some racing features (brakes, fuel lines, etc)

I ended up finding a good deal on a new audi 01E gearbox in germany, and on an LQ9 engine.
I contacted well-known members of this board Scott and Eric -that I really like to thank for their help.- ;)

My plan is to get this thing twin-turbocharged in a later version. For now, it will just run N/A.
The trans is a 6-speed diesel box.

I built the frame from rectangle tubes on a jig. It'll have 8 points rollcage though, because that thing is so long, narrow... would twist for sure on hard launches or cornering.

Power windows, tilt column and all kinds of street roddish stuff.

I made a lot of mockups to find the right proportions from the first drawings, it seemed to work well that way.

Right now I am finishing the decklid, Will have to patch floors and adjust the right height when lowered with bumpstops. I would scratch doors bottoms when opening if the floor is a bit off from perfectly flat.

Cantilever rear suspension makes the bags stand out when inflated, I'll have to hide that later with scoops or whatever.
It wont have rear window but big louvers I think. I am using aluminium intake and elbow to replace that horrible lq9 unit.

I'll post more once the body's fully finished.

I hope to hit the road before the end of the year, though theres no time schedule...

Lenghened doors using stock stuff patched together.

Drawed my own IRS geometry for cantilever setup and super narrowed arms. The car is way narrow in the rear end... pivots and link ends are Ruffstuffs heavy duty. I had most of the parts CNC cut for perfect alignments.

Design is homemade but some adjustments can be done and fix eventual camber issues

IRS uses 95 Tbird brakes to keep 15" and ford racing knuckles/hubs

Wilwood brakes in front, speedway IFS...

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Vingt dieux ! Fallait oser :shocked2: !

Interesting idea to use this nice streamline with a little Kustom touch...(altough I'm not a fan of the new design of the rear quarter, on your first sketches).

Do you keep the hydraulic suspension system ?

Huge project, for sure...
Thanks ;)

Thats an air lift system (autopilotv2) very simple to install and use.

The 5 gallon tank should go next to the fuelcell in front, but that will be a tight fit... (from what I measured from another of my cars)

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The rear fenders might not end up with quarter extensions as in the drawing;
I noticed the original design was flush enough "in person"... and rear wheels are so far from the tail I'd drag the hell out of the back of the car on any speed bump.

Ian Anderson

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I really like that!
Out in Southern Africa the DS series were referred to a The Bullfrog because the bullfrogs used to stand up to walk in a similar way to the Citroen Suspension

So no hydro pneumatic spheres to break down that will make the car more reliable.

Some stuff just arrived, next couple of weeks should be busy... :)

injectors are 39 lbs, setup will be AN8 line +walbro 450 in-tank.

I am not sure whether the 102 TB will be mounted flat or facing forward with an elbow.
it will depend on piping clearance available to reach to the cone air filter in an airbox behind the quarter window... that should be drilled for some kind of naca airduct.

I am not decided on the water pump placement.
Usually theyre close to the engine, but mine (remote electric) can be mounted directly next to the radiator.

What would be best place then to get ideal flow/vaccum ?

The airlift 5 gallon tank arrived too, and its not only BIG, its HEAVY too. I have to think about good braces all around.


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Rollcage is in. Floors next, water, fuel and brake tubing, etc...

The engine should be wired this winter too.

The actual body dosent seem good to me enough so I'm looking for other elements to restart with (doors, rear fenders) so I can do a full Metal-finish job with no planishing involved.
I will go for a different way of lenghening doors so that there is less work and warpage. Shape will be a little different and the back of the roof will have to be narrowed back 6 cm but thats an easy job.

Looking forward to a real cool thing to see even whithout paint.

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