MK11 where are you

Hi guys, are these MK superformance cars rare and hard to find?? I'm not having much luck. What I'm really drooling over is the Black MK11 with the gold wheels. The Superformance web site shows all the dealers then when you look at each dealers web sites they only have one or two and there not what I'm looking for I even sent a email to that Hillbanks dealer in California 3 weeks ago and no response to date. I think "Hillbank" is the video I spotted on U-tube of the Black / gold wheel MK11..was pretty amazing. I have a 2006 Ford GT but is lame compared to these GT40 cars.
If the Black / Gold MK2 your thinking of is the car that now resides in NZ that was a Special order to commemorate the Le Mans car driven by Amon & McLaren. Built with involvement by H&M, SPF & USA dealers. IIRC it can be viewed at the museum/ Display at Highlands Raceway, Cromwell, South Island, NZ.
Thanks that is it! Can it be purchased without the motor? I would like to learn more about this and also about the left and right driver sides?