Moscow Terrorist Bombing

To all that care,
I have had a very lucky escape. I was on the BMI flight from London to Moscow Domodedovo airport which landed just before the terrorist attack on the airport. I saw some things I wish I hadn't and I feel very lucky. Had my flight landed a few minutes earlier, things could be very different and I may not be writing this. I can still smell the smoke on my clothes. I'm still in Moscow until the weekend and have had some time to reflect on the events of Monday afternoon.
Two things struck me very clearly.
1) If I had been involved in the explosion and that was my time, It would have been very violent but very quick and I would have no knowledge of what happened or why. The pain remains only for those left behind.
2) The time between the attack and now provided knowledge from other view points and background from political and news reporters which you don't have at the time. You are dissorientated and confused at the scene. The events only become clear later. However, when you are that close, it's not just a news event, it's very real. You smell it, you see it and you feel it through to your bones.

This event was far too close for comfort. However, rather than being frightened to never leave my house again, it seems to have ignited a resolve to not allow these extremists to de-rail the western society that I am part of and I for one will not be intimidated. I'll be travelling again next week to Poland and I'll be back in Moscow within a month or so. I'll never put myself at any unnecessary risk but I'll not be made to cower in fear either.

My thoughts and feeling go to those that were not so lucky. The arrivals hall is usually a place of happiness, re-uniting loved ones, family members or even, like me, just happy to see your name on a taxi board.
For all the innocent lives lost yesterday, RIP.
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Jim Craik

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Thank God you were not a victim of this horrific terrorist attack, it must have been a very sobering experiance. I truly appreciate and respect your thoughts and resolve.

Glad that you are safe and glad that you have decided not to let the terrorists win and will keep on traveling. May all of your travels be safe and trouble free.
I doubt that there will be arguing about a federal or military court to try the perps in once they catch them. I too am happy that you are well and in one piece Martin.
Martin, I also am glad you survived. And thanks for your thoughts on the event, and philosophical resolve to not let these bastards get us scared to live properly.

It must have been an extremely sobering experience. I am so glad that you're OK. My thoughts go to those less fortunate.

As to not changing your living patterns - I completely agree. If the media would shut up about risk and danger from terrorism, then there's a chance they might just go away.

It is the media and political correctness fuelling the terrorists and nobody else...
Thank you whole heartedly for your comments. It means a lot. Believe me, my GT40 will be all the sweeter now.
Terrorists want a reaction, that's why they act. They want to frighten and make an impact on our society. In the west, us Europeans get scared easily and our media reacts quickly with endless stories and accounts of how terrible it all is, which it is, no doubt about it, but it does fuel the extremists agenda. The U.S react in a different way, aggresively and decisively, but the result is the same for the terrorists. They have impacted and caused a reaction which is what they want. They want war, a holy war, on their terms, and we are invited to join in every time they act. In Russia, I have to tell you, really nothing changes, very little in terms of political reaction other than "we will find out who did it and punish them". Punishment here is usually very harsh and often impacts a wider cross section other than just the intended culprit. As for life in general, there is no panic and it goes on as normal, although there is unanimous condemnation. The airport was fully operational only hours after the attack. Moscow is far too expensive to be regarded as a tourist trap, so this probably wasn't about western visitors. Most visitors are business people not tourists. The likely hood is that the perpatrators are from within Russia, probably Chechens or another displaced ethnic group rather than Jehidist Muslims from Afghanistan or Iraq. We will find out in the fullness of time.
For me, I am working hard and trying to put the events of Monday behind me, although that is easier said than done. I can't wait until I see my family again. It's been a tough week already and it's only Wednesday.
Make sure you all give your loved ones an extra hug tonight. We are all still breathing and walking on gods earth. Enjoy every second of it.


Jim Craik

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Make sure you all give your loved ones an extra hug tonight. We are all still breathing and walking on gods earth. Enjoy every second of it

Thanks for you wise words, hugs all around!