Need some Info about SLC Superlite coupe

Hi everyone, i'm new to SLC world and need some information about it's chassis, i need some dimentions (a cad model would be great) if not, i need the overall lenght and width of the Chassis itself and the cockpit sizes as mentioned in pictures.

Thank you.


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I've emailed them before and got no response, just need some dimentions, is here anyone who has one? I want to buy one but i need to do some calculations before ordering one...
Just an observation, if you start out by asking for dimensions and cad files from someone who put a lot of resources into designing and fabricating a custom chassis, don't be too surprised if you don't get a reply. It could be perceived that you are attempting to copy the design.
Well i haven't thought that way":-D but i havent asked for the whole chassis either, XD, anyways you are right and that makes sense... I'm planning to make some changes to it ro match my taste and i just asked about the driver and passenger entry and exit dimensions, thats all. But thanks for the note, i really wasn't thinking about it and i thought they haven't seen my Email...
Thank you for the info, but it didn't really helped me, i just wanted those two or three lines i drew on the pictures, it can be even from the top of the body shell, yeah john's right, couldn't think of it that way.