Need to log I every time I visit

Help please. For ages I've been visiting this site and it has recognised me without me having to log in.
For the last few days it hasn't been recognising me so I have to log in every time.
I'm using the same device (I phone) so nothing has changed as far as I know.
Am I doing something wrong or is there something I need to do to correct this.


Ron Earp

You need to have cookies enabled and not be using an ancient browser. Make sure you aren't in privacy mode on the browser, or you're deleting you history every time you close your browser. My iPhone doesn't have any problem maintaining my login.


Lifetime Supporter
If your history was cleared for any reason then you'll need to login again, maybe stating the obvious (it wasn't to me!) just remember to also check the 'automatically log me in' box next to the login or it'll expect you to login each visit.