New canards

I’ve inquired about additional breaks at higher tiers and am waiting to hear back. Sounds like there’s a bit more of a discount if we can hit 15/20 sets in carbon.

For clarification on how I’d like to proceed, I’m welcome to input from others. I’ll have everyone send me money in two separate transactions. The first to cover the actual parts, the second to cover any additional incidental fees (shipping/insurance/import duties/etc) since those are less known at the time of ordering.

Pricing listed is in British pounds - I’ll have everyone pay me at the same time so we’re all paying the same conversion fee. In addition to the price of the canards we would all equally split shipping/insurance/taxes for getting the parts to the US, then each person would cover actual shipping costs from me to your location.

At the rate things are going I believe the carbon pricing will be very competitive to a set in fiberglass.

Rough estimate:
£270/set, 15 sets
£75 shipping (I’m guessing)
£100 insurance (i’m guessing)
= £4225 to get all parts to US

Assuming a conversion rate of 1.4USD/£1 total is $5915.

So $394.33/ set to get them to the US. Assuming I ship via USPS I’m guessing ~$20 shipping/insurance from my location to yours. If you’re in Canada I expect shipping charges would be higher.

Final cost would be $414.33USD for a set of carbon to your doorstep. Please note this is only a rough cost based on me guessing a few things and does not account for any additional import duties that may be imposed at the border.
Works for me Cam. Do you have a pay pal account that we can use to send you money for this when we get to the final count?
Mike - yup, I’ll send everyone a paypal address once I’m ready to collect payment from everyone. In the meantime I’d like to start collecting email addresses for everyone who’s in so I can move this to an email chain for quicker communication.

Everyone who is in, please shoot me a PM with the email address you prefer me to use, and let me know who you are on the board.

I didn’t hear back from Henry regarding pricing at 15 sets so I’ve pinged him for an update. I’ll give the group a few days once we get that last price before closing the GB and proceeding with the money transfers.
FYI for our overseas friends: you can work with Henry directly for payment and shipping to avoid additional expenses; just let me know you’re in on the GB to take advantage of the reduced pricing.
Final pricing is in:
Carbon = £290
Fiberglass = £270

I've updated my above post with this information. If your name has an "email" next to it you're good. If it has "NEED EMAIL" well, I need your email address! If your name has a "DIRECT" next to it, it means you are working with Henry directly to arrange payment and shipping terms, but will be receiving the GB price.

I will set Monday Feb5 as the end date to participate in this GB, please let me know before then if you would like to get in. I will be sending emails out this weekend to begin collecting the initial payment (just for the parts themselves). Once the parts arrive here in the US I will send everyone a second request for payment to cover the additional expenses (shipping, insurance, duties).

We will all equally split costs to get parts from the UK to my address. After that, I will add on an additional charge for shipping to your address (exact shipping only, I'm not making any money on this).

I'll make updates to this thread as things proceed but will rely on email moving forward to provide the most current information for GB participants.
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Anticipated timing is 4-5 weeks given the quantity and low production nature of this product. I don’t believe this will be an issue for anyone but if it is, please let me know.

For the fiberglass guys - the parts will be finished in a black gel coat.

Thanks to everyone for being responsive, let’s get this thing closed out and Henry kicked off! For anyone sitting on the fence I would encourage you to hop in now. Can’t beat this pricing in the future and if you end up not wanting them I sure someone else would take them off your hands.
Everyone participating in the GB should have received an email from me.


Request for payment via PayPal has been sent, please have funds transferred by COB on Monday 5Feb2018.

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I’ll be out all day today - will try and update the thread as payments come in but won’t be able to email everyone. Thanks to everyone who’s already responded!
Email status update sent to GB participants @ 9:25PM PST, if you are part of the GB and DID NOT receive an email please let me know.
Thank you everyone! Everyone has paid and I’m now waiting for final shipping and insurance costs from Henry before I send him a wire transfer to begin fabrication. I’ll let everyone know once that has happened.
Paul - you are in!

Funds have been wired to Henry.

Email status update sent to GB participants @ 10:53PM PST, if you are part of the GB and DID NOT receive an email please let me know.