New to The GT40 Forum

Joined several months ago to get info and ideas about buying a 40. I've been a Corvette guy for over 40 years and wanted something different this time. Purchased CAV#55 in February of this year and am having a good time with the car.

I've had several chances to ask questions about upgrades and minor problems. The membership responses have been great, concise and has helped every time.

I also belong to the Corvette Forum and have been helped and offered advice for many years. I still have four vettes. Great group and extremely helpful. So far, my experience with the GT40 Forum has been equal to my corvette friends. Being a member and being able to ask questions of the 40 community, makes ownership very enjoyable. Thanks.
Welcome to the CAV family Tom......I have #82...if you care to contact me we can talk "shop" about these great cars. PM for my number if you like. Enjoy #55 but like the others I'd like to see some pics of your other rides.