Pass in time for summer.

Got my car passed through the IVA recently, some minor issues caught me out but all well after the retest. I had not considered the increase in the size of the opening at the nose of the bodywork when I decided to remove the unsightly moulding lip around the edge, I had measured this previously and from that point on just did not consider the IVA implications of removing the lip. When the examiner was able to pass his test sphere straight through the opening everything inside there failed the exterior projections test. Also the side window flap hinges needed to be rounded off to comply with interior projections. Side lights did not comply with being seen from 45 degrees inboard as I was looking from a point that was too close to consider failure, schoolboy error. Indicators too low at the front. Rear reflectors when the body is open and some other points that made complete sense when explained by the examiner. He did spend a lot of time doing the dynamic brake test though and when he returned said that the car drives really nice.
Congratulations, looks fantastic.

What was the rear reflector/body open thing it failed on, could you share a little more detail please?
Well done Martin ..... we are all cheering for you.
Ditto Paulbav above, please explain your comment about reflector/body open. I've not heard anything like this before. It is good to share as much information as possible, as this can be vital input for those currently in build (which is quite a few).
Hi Martin,
Congratulations on the pass, it takes a huge commitment to get to this stage, so well done.
As you presented your car for IVA with the side windows fitted, what is the supply for the door mirrors, which I understand will have to be remotely adjustable to comply with regs. I noticed they have an integral indicator repeater which is also a nice touch