Porsche 908/910 project

Hi i'm new here

I am looking for a 908/3 body

because the current body on my car isnt very appealing as you can see

chassis is one of the first lee Noble designs made of square 20mm tube
twin r1 engines back to back, driving front and rear wheels
wheelbase is 2300mm, 600kg road ready

I also like the body style of the older 908(/2) in this topic but its closed body is to complicated for me (doors, windows etc) en doesn't fit my cars registration

Does anybody know of a replica 908/3??




Hi Keith

you make this all worth while

PS. If you come to stoneleigh come and say hello at the RCR stand in hall 2.
Jac Mac... and everyone else sending me PM mail,

For some reason I can't reply to my PM mail. It keeps giving me an error. Maybe it's because I'm on a MAC.

In regard to pricing... I will have the parts list with pricing online in the next few months. Three cars are halfway done. Two are sold. I have one 906 roller left for $95K USD. It will include everything including your choice of color. However, you will need to add the 911 motor, carbs and 914 tranny. Due this fall. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

Thanks, Randy
Thanks for that info Randy, sorry about the MAC problem.

Us MAC's have been known to cause the odd problem , I didnt know that we had invaded the PC world.

Jac Mac
If u r having problems with your PM mail replies how does one get hold of you.

I have someone interested in 906/908/910 stuff ( From South Africa) and nee to make direct contact with you
Hello 906 fans,

I will post the offical website at the end of this year. It will feature photos and pricing of the 906 and 917 cars as well as a parts list. Yes, I will also be selling the an almost exact copy of the mighty 917, 917K and 917/30 rollers too... you supply the motor and transmission. Sorry I can't give you anymore details right now but... you will be the first ones to know once we are ready to sell.

Thank you for your interest, Randy.


Hello Gregg,

Because I'm on a MAC, for some reason my PM doesn't work. It may be a MAC security issue. For now this is the best way to communicate.

Remember, I won't have any 906 answers until late this fall. As for the 917(s), the standard 917 is ready for sale. However, there is a one year wait on these right now. The 917K (Martini finned version) and 917/30 (CanAm) are still in development and are due next spring.

The 906, 917(s) will except any 911 motor or if you happened to have a flat-12 laying around your garage... those will fit perfectly into any of the 917s. I do not recommend (per Carl Thompson) to run over 250hp in the 906. It was never designed for lots of HP. The 917(s) ... not problem.

We are planning a big unveiling with several examples at the 2008 Monterey Historics in California. We will have a couple of rollers at that time for sale. I'm confident they will sell fast.



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Randy, I sent you a pm because I did not want to dilute Chris' thread. Interested in the 917/30. Was led to believe the only company producing said car was LMK. Your pictures look like the LMK workshop. Are you the US dealer for LMK or did LMK sell the business assets to you? Thanks.