Porsche 908/910 project

A 906 at last Chris! Now you are talking my language ...

Best of luck with this - and everything else. Rob

the front laminated and e marked screens are available through me and I can get all the rest of the plexi for sides headlights and rear screen.


Chris, I would love to get a copy of the chassis drawings. Be so cool to frame and hang in the garage!

Nothing wrong with quality, but in Porsche's racing cars the quality was in the engineering. The detail finish was crappy. The restorations and replicas are going to a level of finish that Porsche never bothered about.
I am busy buiding a 910 replica. The chassis is half complete but I need to get hold of technical drawings of the chassis before I get any further. Are these available anywhere
Happy Easter
Chris, you've picked my favourite Porsche :)

I especially like that 906 in silver, very nice. Good thing I'm already commited with my '40 build, otherwise...

I'm also interested in your transaxle but probably set that aside for next year.

Best regards,

Hello Chris,

If you need parts for your 906 project, like chassis, wind screen, rear window, etc... I can get them. I just finalized a deal six months ago to be the North America Dealer of 906 cars and parts.

I have optained all the original factory molds and blueprints from a retired race department employee. I currently have three chassis and bodies done (one which is mine) and am finalizing the manufacturing of the small parts.

Let me know if I can help.