Problems finding a suitable door seal

Chris Kouba

That stops about 70% of water splash, then a second wall of conformal neoprene foam (2" thick from McMaster-Carr) in front of the door hinge from top to bottom that conforms to the front of the door when it's closed shut, stops the rest.

Hi Tom,

I looked this up and the smallest piece available is 12"x42". You wouldn't happen to have any leftovers would you? I would like to seal this area up but would prefer not to buy a Texas-sized sheet for a "Delaware" job.
Sorry Chris, just saw this and didn't get an alert about your response. What I used for the door jamb is the ultra-conformal "gap-sealing" acrylic foam tape. Get the one that expands to 2" (1 1/2" min) and place it behind the hinge line top to bottom.

Buy it here.

You could also attach it to the underside of the inner door liner so that it seals the lower door gap, which will reduce some of the draft (and dust).



Brilliant nick .... Where did you get them from . Not seen them before ...

Thanks m8 ...
Hi Johnny,

I decided not to fit eyebrows as I understand they can rub the paint off the door tops, I have got some tongues but can't remember where they came from.

May be worth trying Mick at Southern GT he did do them, will get some better pictures of my tongues done.