Real names ? Rule 2

Ron Earp

So, all of this makes a mockery of RULE 2, ! I support rule 2, but clearly I am in a minority.
What Frank said.

I'm not sure why rule #2 is so hard for some to follow. We get new folks logging on the site that act like they've never heard of it, despite the validation question " requires you to use your _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.", to which of course the answer is "real name". They have to type in "real name", but we still get plenty of people here who can't manage that.


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Someone at the NSA right now is making a case to their boss that they need to wire tap that subversive Haywood Jablome character!
Apparently, everything we do on the www is tracked and traceable by various bodies anyway. If someone is out to get you, hiding behind a fake name isn't going to save you.


I have been ostrich sized and must revert to my given name..:shrug:

Anyone remember what it was? :shifty:

Ron Earp

Fellows, you have subforum for banter and smack talk. Continue on this thread and you'll find yourself taking a shore leave.