Recently had pipes reflowed

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
Wasn't feeling up to snuff on 5/8, so they reflowed some pipes for me in the main pump early on the morning of 5/9: (#1 before, #1 after, #2 before, #2 after). Feeling much better now.



Lynn, give me a call if you need some support. I went through three of them back in 2000. Did they have to split you open or just the rotor rooter? All my best.

Dimi Terleckyj

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Hi Lynn
Sorry to hear, but I hope you are feeling much better.

See this is the trouble if you dont take it out for a run and blow out the cobwebs regularly.

Unfortunately it catches up with all us old farts eventually.

All the best
Looks like you got the balloon job without the stints. Probably the best way to go. Just be glad you listened to your heart. A lot of guys don't, and a lot of guys aren't here today. Glad you did.


Ron Earp

Pretty clear here but for those that don't know Lynn suffered a heart attack last week. I had been wondering where he'd gotten to and then in pops an email yesterday indicating he was back home and resting safely.

I'm happy to hear Lynn is on the mend! Best wishes and get well!



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Strictly my opinion, Lynn, but I like that second set of pics better.

Two thumbs up on the procedures success and best wishes for a quick recovery!


Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
Hey all,

Thanks, to everyone, for the kind words and good wishes. They are very much appreciated!

They did a cardiac catheterization via the femoral artery (talk about a case of the blue balls :rolleyes: ) and placed stints in the two arteries shown. So I'll be on plavix for at least the next year and a half.

I don't have a good read on exactly how much muscle death occurred, but enzyme studies show that there was some. Hopefully it was fairly minimal and I'll be able to follow a pretty aggressive physical reconditioning regimen. I have my first audit visit with a cardiac rehabilitation group this coming Wednesday which will be followed by a 12 week program of physical conditioning and coronary care education.

As far as what I felt, I have had acid reflux that felt exactly like this, including jaw pain. It didn't go into my arms, but it didn't respond to the tricks I have learned in dealing with acid reflux either. The deciding factor for me was the "rest test." The pain subsided when I laid down and rested for about 10 minutes and returned again as soon as I got up and became active. The third time this happened, I knew I needed to get help because there was a very real possibility it was my heart this time. This, even though I did not experience the 800 lb gorilla standing on my chest or the shortness of breath often associated with a heart attack.

Glad to see you were lucky enough to act in time and I wish you a full, problem free recovery...

My father was lost to 'coronary thrombosis' at the age of 50 (I was 18) but never had any signs to react to. So anyone who feels 'things are not right' should follow your example and get checked....

Keep well.....:)

I am so glad to hear you are OK.

Many, many times, health issues have a way of sneaking up on you, and about the time you least expect it, WHAM!

My best wishes for your speedy recovery. Keep us all informed on your progress.

Randy V

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Lynn - Very happy to hear that you're alive and well!!!!

It's also a good bit of information you've posted in that not all heart-attacks can be characterized in the same manner..

So - on to the arteries - I've a couple of close friends that have been through the same procedure. While both are doing quite well - One of them has so darned much energy now that he has a hard time sitting still! His wife of 30 years is constantly on the run with him as well.. I'm hoping you have that same level of energy but please let yourself mend properly!!!

Doc Watson

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After reconditioning your engine make sure you run her in nice and gentle.... good to hear your recovering well......


Bill Hara

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Glad to hear that you are ok. The new pipe job should be good for another 250k miles!
Take care of yourself!

Lynn, I think you were lucky to catch the problem before a flameout occurred. Best wishes with your recovery, and you should now go on to a ripe old age. You may wish to look at the genes/lifestyle etc. to see if there are any avoidance manouvres you can take. It's certainly a warning that we senior citizens need to be aware of such signs. Thanks for your input.
I'll be hoisting a pint of water-wetter in your honor tonight saluting your common sense. As for the blue balls, get pictures for bragging rights before the swelling goes down. :pepper: