Red Alan Mann GT40 in San Fernando Valley decades ago

I one time saw a collection of at least ten cars in the San Fernando valley and think one red GT40 was described as an "Alan Mann lightweight." It had two ribs on the cocker panel area and was RHD. This was at least two decades ago, before the Safirs and other replicas. The owner sold Ford speed parts, advertising in Super Ford magazine but I forget his name. Was this a real car or did I imagine this car? I guess there are experts in the Alan Mann cars. Alan Mann has passed on but his son is still a bit involved in vintage racing
Wallace the first SAFIR was built in 1981 so what year did you see this car? Two decades before this would be 1961??? The lightweights were built in 1966. I have Ronnies Spains book that goes up to 1982.
Regards Allan
It could not have been AM GT 40/1. This car would never have been in that area during that time. AM 2 would have likely been painted blue then.