Revised 2011 ed. of Anthony Pritchard's tome, Ford vs Ferrari, now available

The revised 2011 edition of Anthony Pritchard's book, Ford Versus Ferrari: The Battle for Le Mans (ISBN 1844259307), is now shipping.

I just received my copy from Amazon Canada (33% off the cover price) and it's a veritable feast for the eyes. Great photos of GT40s and their legendary drivers in action.

Get it while you can... Brian

Ford Versus Ferrari: The Battle for Le Mans: Anthony Pritchard: Books

Product Description

This new book shares the title of Anthony Pritchard’s landmark book about this fabulous aspect of 1960s sports car racing - the big contest, played out above all at Le Mans, between Ford and Ferrari. The original book, which was published in 1968, when the battle between these two great marques was still ongoing, forms the basis of the new project, but the text is completely rewritten and much expanded to include material that was not available at the time. Above all, this new is incomparable visually, and contains an exceptionally comprehensive and well-balanced selection of photographs, both color and black and white, portraying the two teams and their rivals, the races, drivers, engineers and mechanics in the greatest detail on and off the track, in the paddock at race meetings, in factories and in workshops.
Just ordered mine from; just a hair over $50 with free shipping, gotta love it!

Thanks for the heads-up! :thumbsup:
Ordered mine on Tuesday, just thumbing through it now. What a fantastic book. The pictures alone (I only buy books with pictures ;p) are magnificent.
Just got mine the other day. I can say this definitively--if you don't already own this book, you are WRONG. You need to hustle on over to Amazon (or wherever) and get yourself a copy, before they're all gone.

It really is that good. Even if you know the whole story by heart, it really is good enough that you deserve to view it from this perspective...