Rf 117

RF 117 had a run at the Island Magic meeting last week (Phillip Island)
The entire week end was forecast to be wet, wet & wet ! Great

Friday turned out to be dry so I used my slicks (new) for practice, safe in the knowledge that Saturday & Sunday would be wet. We had a professional driver (Steve Owen) do a few reference laps in the car and he turned in a several 1min 34's which around PI is a fairly respectable time. He sugested a few alterations to the set up which (for the first time) I was able to feel !

Q1 (my session) on saturday morning was wet, very very wet
Q2 was dry so everyone in this session slotted better times that Q1 Great !

My grid position was probably the worst I have ever had ....P 35
Sunday was dry so I had to rely on tyres that had already done a lot of work .
I was so pissed off that I managed to turn the car around on the first lap on the slowest corner on the track in my attempt to clear out some of the back markers this dropped me to P 45

I had a little chat to myself inside my helmet and set about clawing my way back through the feild.

We ended up 4th and were the fastest car on the track for the last 1/4 of the race, so I managed to retreived a little bit of self respect. I will post a couple of laps to vimeo over the wek end




Great Video Ian. Was that a Murcielago you outdragged around 05.10?

Your engine/box combo & ratios sound very strong, I'm sure you have posted an overview of these items on here somewhere but would appreciate you pointing me to the correct posts so I can refresh my memory.

Thanks.. :)
Great video.

As for the Lambo, looked more like a Gallardo GT3. Either way, it's obviously not as quick as RF117 :)
Yep. LP560 it is. The gent who drives it is a wealthy businessman, who loves his cars/racing. He's not the fastest driver around. But is is the fastest 70-something we race with. Good on him, i say. If i had his cash, i'd be doing it too!


Ted's a bit of a character alright --on a mission STKI (spending the kids inheritance) :thumbsup:

BTW what was the penalties for Tim ?

Looks like you're starting to get a handle on this thing Ian and well done on a good finish
Air scoop

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a surface mounted scoop that would go on the roof and supply air into the cabin ?

Despite cool suits & NACA ducts I am still slowly boiling by the end of a long race & need to get some more air into the cabin


More help please,

Is there any one on line that could give me the dimensions of the panel that has the demister louvres on the dash ? I am guessing around 200mm x 75mm ?
Hi Ian

if you talk about the trapezoid shaped original dash top demister grill, the dimensions are 530mm long side, 440m short side and about 130mm of height.


Trevor Booth

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are the fresh air vents on the outboard ends of the dash functional. Originally they picked up copious quantities of air from the two NACA ducts each side of the radiator air outlet.

You could also try a helicopter vent in the side windows.
Any more news on this build? What wheels and tyres did you wind up using? Seem to remember you needed to go up in size? No surprise with all that torque.
RF 117 at Bathurst

We are heading up the hill for the Easter week end, very happy to see anyone who is interested. Garage # 7

Randy V

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Good luck up there Iain.... Pics and/or video would be nice! Hopefully all is well sorted and no issues..


Being a bit computer SLOW, can you point me a touch closer to the vimeo clip.

It's right. I am a bit new there!!