RF for sale on Carpoint

Yep its mine guys, No problems I dont particulally want to sell it as you can see the price is premium but I do want to start another project. It would speed this up for me if I can sell. I hope the better half can see reason and lets keep my baby as well as start my next project another project.
Tim your right 6.4lt from 302 I dont think so. Unfortunately Carpoint dont let you edit the engine size in the add or at least i wasnt able to.

Pete McCluskey.

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Mick's car is one of the finest examples of an RF I have seen and I think at the price Mick is asking is a bargain, not a premium price at all.
Mick does the new project have anything to do with a pony?
Pete we are to close. Trying to work out how to keep the 40 and do the pony. I think that would make for a start to the dream garage.
G'day Mick
How could you sell your beast after all the work and time spent building her.
Good luck and I hope you get your price as I believe she is worth it.
I can not see you riding a pony as a project so I am thinking maybe a restoration on a Ford ------g
What model are you looking at?

Cheers Wayne