Roaring Forties GT40 Australia

:happy:Hello Fellow Car Builders

It has taken me a long time to get around to posting my build progress.

I will start from 4 1/2 years ago and post daily until I catch up.

This Saturday is exciting times with the car going to the hub dyno for its first run (first start for that matter).


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Hi Gus

We have spoken a little over email in the past. Thanks for best wishes.

Attached are few photos of today just to let people know how far it has progressed.


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Welcome Malcom
Nice work on the RF.
Now that's an exhaust system, shouldn't have a problem meeting the noise level test.
Looking forward to your daily updates.

Thank you. 316 Stainless Steel ceramic coated. Fully purge welded. 1&7/8" headers (tuned length), 3" X-Pipe. Magnaflow Ceramic Cats S/Steel, Magnaflow Race Mufflers and Standard Mufflers. Did not ceramic coat any of these, just polished. All Quick connect V Band Clamps. Mufflers all straight thru, no baffles. So could be loud. Might need to baffled depending on Saturdays tests.
Hi Gus
Had some issues which was to be expected. Had a number of ECU Errors which we worked our way through. Those are the breaks when utilising Ford OEM ECU without it being in the original car (FG GT R Spec 335). Lots of security as well. Got engine running. Remapped fuel with larger 1000cc injectors. Changed air flow due to twin 65mm throttle bodies.
Also had issue with clutch as well as gearbox. Removed the exhaust, gearbox, and clutch. Re-installed after a good measure and check over. Have since sorted all of them apart from reverse gear. Gearbox is extremely tight. Can only get 1,2 & 3 with engine running. Lucky to get 1st with engine turned off. Gearbox is brand new afterall. I also suspect that I may have to fine tune cables for changing gears due to centre shift.
Also needed to change Nolathane bushes on rear suspension arms as the set that i was provide with were the start of new production from that supplier and are of poor material quality. Far too soft. Have changed to ProSpeed that Roaring Forties have had specially made. A lot harder and have washer for added protection.
Also had to change rear coilover springs. The ones supplied by RF were far too short and soft. Spoke to Shockworks and they sent me a new set of coilover springs heavier and 55mm longer. This will help me to raise the car to the 105mm clearance under the 40mm drop floor for ADR compliance.

Hopefully back there this Saturday. This time hope to put down some numbers.


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