Ryans Group Ten GT40 build - Body 5.

More bits arrived. Someone must have been feeding the rocking horses.
I had a set of the later vents with the knob in the centre, but got lucky and found some original early MK IV ball vents. The rubber rings from the later ones have a foam liner which feels a bit tight on the early vent. I need to check if they are different sizes.
would be good to see what the early rubber rings are like.
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Ryan where did you get the latches? Rod
Hi Rod, I think I messaged you via Instagram the link.

I did a metal shaping course with an automotive coach builder the other weekend. Was lots of fun and very enjoyable. I need some practice on the wheel. Here I am laughing at myself. To anyone else watching it would have been like sitting at the side of a boat ramp on a warm summers day.