S L C with 360 drivetrain

A nice little 360 drivetrain in a new home..


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The engine is quite compact but the intake is a tall one....still fits just fine though...

We have another unusual one coming up soon too....VW VR6 turbo with G50....
That thing will sound sweet. I've had Ferrarri on my brain since yesterday afternoon after seeing a yellow California driving through town. Sexy car.

What is with the chassis modification up front?



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Maybe something to do with having more than two seats and a longer wheelbase....whistle........If you look closely there is something else of great interest in those pics too.....
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I dunno, centre seating could be very distracting with 2 female passengers?

Oops, missed the shift lever

Oooops, missed the shift lever again

Oooooops, missed the lever again

What do you mean the shift lever isn't at chest height? :drunk:

Oooooooops, missed the lever again ... darn my clumsiness.