Salvation Through Jesus Christ -- Prayer


+1000, Jim. Ryeno I'm sure you are a lovely person but please piss off.

It's good to have the Paddocks Cultural & Diplomatic Consuls posting on the same thread again. :thumbsup:


Richard Head

Minister of Truth
"Keeping the Paddock Honest"

Charlie Farley

We've had the Cultural and Diplomatic Consuls, dust off their venerable robes, don their vestments and pronounce and good to see it.
As Consul of the Arts, i feel it is my duty to post.
With all this religious talk, this how a 'dandy' should present himself at the altar.


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Good Lord!

What's the young boy's name?


Does he do "extras" after alter service? Or only for the Bishop...:evilgrin:

Jim Rosenthal

I'll tell you, it's all I can do to stop myself from ditching medicine, joining the Salvation Army, and beating that big drum. Hallelujah!!!! "Gathering the sheaves".. and all that.

Jim Rosenthal

You go ahead and gather, Keith. Call me when you're all there. I'll be round presently. :) I've just got a bit of drinking and whoring around to get out of my system, and I'll join you.
Now this is more like it nobody is worried about the elephant in the room any more. Pete & jim you guys crack me up. I can't dicide what religion Is right for me I just don't know which one is real a f*#k it I'll just be a decent person.

Mick the atheist

Jim Rosenthal

Even as we speak, Mr. Obama is throwing darts at a board with Joe Biden's picture on it. Or maybe the real Joe Biden. Rumor has it he's not pleased at having his hand forced on this one.
Not my words, more's the pity.

"At the Reason Rally last weekend Richard Dawkins plead with those in attendance to rid our world of religion. But it wasn’t enough to preach to the choir (hehe) and reaffirm their atheist beliefs. Dawkins urged the 20,000 in attendance to ridicule religion and show contempt for religion.

This is further than previous calls to action by atheists. It used to be enough to challenge believers to debate, publish books and articles, but now Dawkins wants atheists to verbally attack religious people. Let me get right out and say it, this is really really bad idea.

Now, I do sympathize with many of the ideas that Dawkins teaches. I think that politics and government policy should not be decided by religious beliefs. This is not because I think religious beliefs are inherently bad or wrong, in fact, I am in favor of many religious beliefs. I am a religious person myself. I think religion can and should play a strong an important role in our lives. But I don’t think it is fair or correct for one particular religion to rule our thinking and public policy. Every religion has mutually exclusive beliefs and all religious beliefs are exclusive of atheist beliefs. Our government should not favor one over the other. On this, Dawkins and I somewhat agree.

But now Dawkins is pushing harder. He is no longer simply concerned with eliminating religious beliefs from government, he wants to eliminate religion. Period. Not only does he want to eliminate religion but he wants atheists to be confrontational and to mock religious people.

There are a few problems with this proposal.

First of all, in my experience very little comes from confrontation. Most people reinforce their beliefs when confronted or ridiculed.

Second of all, if the platform of atheist is reason and rationality then mocking others hardly reinforces that notion. Stick to your principles, don’t resort to bully tactics.

Third of all (and most importantly), there is nothing wrong with people holding religious beliefs! People are free to believe as they choose. Several studies and talks discuss the importance of religion in people’s lives even if it would be shown to be false! The issue is not whether people should believe in God or hold religious beliefs. The issue is whether those beliefs should play a prominent role in a melting-pot society. There are excellent arguments to be made on both sides of that issue. Ridicule is not an argument.

Frankly, I am disappointed by this development. Hopefully, atheists and believers can come together to create the best possible society for everyone; a world free of mockery and ridicule.
Frankly, I am disappointed by this development. Hopefully, atheists and believers can come together to create the best possible society for everyone; a world free of mockery and ridicule.

Ahmen to that!

"Therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another."

Romans 14:1-23 (NKJV)