SL-C builds


Any chance a subforum can be created in the RCR forum for the SL-C builds? I understand why you moved them here from the build logs forum, but they're kind of hard to browse now, especially considering they are updated less frequently than the other threads in the RCR forum, so tend to drop way down on the list.

Food for thought. Don't know if this is even physically possible with the site.


Ron Earp

We can re-name the subforum, no problem. But I'd like to not add more RCR/SLC subforums. At some point needs to keep being a GT40s-era car sort of forum and not an SLC forum.

I don't think we need to change the sub-forum name, just perhaps this thread title to "SLC Technical Questions"?

I tend to agree with Doc. The entire purpose of my original inquiry/idea is to have the SL-C builds easily accessible and browseable, and they are now just that. While it can't be controlled what threads are started in this subforum, I would hate to see it flooded with non-build threads. That would, in my opinion, defeat the reason for segragating the builds in a subforum (see post #1). Technical questions related to SL-Cs can be posted in the main RCR forum, just as they are now. My two cents.

I do wish there was a SL-C specific section. Build threads are great, but some parts of the builds are handled better with their own threads. For example many of the builders (who have their own build threads) have posted specific threads about specific questions/issues/solutions of their build. Sifting through 15-20 pages long of a build thread to find that one nugget of information that applies to many builds isn't efficient imo.

I would rather see this be a SLC subforum with a sticky at the top with links to build threads. Not enough people document their builds to have a forum specific to SLC builds imo. This subforum has 8-9 threads? If this was a SLC specific section, it would have hundreds and hundreds of threads without sifting through the GT40, etc threads. It could still be very easy to find the SLC build threads at the same time without another sub-forum.

Just my opinion...ymmv.

***edit: This forum has 7 threads including this thread.

Howard Jones

Maybe what I ment to say wasn't really clear. We have a sub-thread in the SLC builders forum named SLC builds. I just thought it might be nice to rename "SLC builds", "SLC technical questions".

However If you guys think we really only need a place to post SLC build threads then that would be fine also. Maybe thats the best idea. Just SLC bulid threads in the SLC builder's forum. Nothing else. Both the "SLC clubhouse" and "SLC builds" have been pretty lightly used anyway. Works for me, we can always post questions/other anoucements in the RCR forum.

What I would really like is more people starting build threads on their SLC's.

Ron, Pardon my Virgoness. I like keep it simple. Mainly because I am.
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Yep Howard, I agree. SLC build logs should remain. "SLC builds" thread title could be changed to "Technical Questions".

I think that no matter how little someone believes that they can contribute by adding their own build to this sub-forum, there is much that I can learn from their input! Even a documented "ham-fisted" attempt at something might save me from doing the same :thumbsup:. So, I would like to see more builds as well.
Hell, I'd like to hear from builders who have FINISHED their cars! So far the only one close that will talk to us is Cam....THANKS Cam. Too bad Tim turned sour on his car before it was finished and then promptly sold it as soon as it was :( . I'd really like to hear from the guy with the sprint car engine in his you know, the black one....who else is there?...maybe we can recruit some guys into the clubhouse.