SLC 001 Build


I'm joining this build thread late. I knew you were making squeaky noises about perhaps buying this car but didn't realize you had taken the plunge!

A couple of thoughts:

1) GT5 and GT5-S Panteras have the same front-end clearance problems you are addressing. The Pantera vendors have a simple, plug-and-play in solution, in the form of a pair of air shocks which act upon the front suspension. A bracket is bolted/welded to the inside of the fenderwell, and another one is attached to the front of the bottom A-arm. At the flick of a switch, the front end is raised up several inches. They have no impact at all upon suspension compliance when not in use. Hall Pantera and Precision Pro-Formance both sell it (although oddly the latter fails to mention it on their website; Hall Pantera's website doesn't have much information on anything, other than contact info).

2) Hardware. You are living within rock-throwing distance of one of the nation's best hardware distributors--Olander.

The Olander Company Inc: Best Distributor for Nitronic Fasteners in the Silicon Valley

There's nothing you'll ever need that they won't have, in five different varieties.

3) Have you settled on an engine yet? If you're thinking of a current-generation Z06 motor, e-mail me at the address below and let me know. I may have a terrific hookup for you. :thumbsup:
Have not had a lot of time to work on it lately. But I did get a good size delivery of parts. Of course UPS kept two of the bigger boxes in Indiana (inner door panels and diffuser) for thier lost and never found department. Casey is having them remade and UPS is saying sorry.

I was hunting around for the best place to locate the A/C underdash. How much room do you GT40 types have for your feet once the A/C unit is installed? How much vertical from floor to bottom of unit do you have, how much foot passage and legroom?
Since I do not talk to Fran much and I know others with SLC cars on order don't want to bug him, here is some news on parts development. The defroster duct manifolds are in the design stage as are the ''A'' pillar trim and roof air intake inner tunnel. I was thinking I may need to make these myself, so it's nice to know they are to be included.
I didn't know they were included! Thanks for the heads-up. Makes waiting a little more tolerable.

Well turns out the car was designed to have the A/C unit placed in front of the footbox. Good! - as I hate climbing around under the dash ......I was pretty much coming to that conclusion on my own when Fran rang me up to say that's where it goes.

To my detriment I'm a little hesitant to call/write and ask questions (maybe too self reliant?) but from here on out I'll get in touch with RCR more readily with my inquiries.

Thanks Fran.

Brian Hamilton

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Anything new on this build? Very interested to see how it's coming along. :thumbsup:



I'm wondering if I may have an opportunity to come take a peak at your car to help me decide on a few things. A short drive down to your neck of the BA makes more economic sense than flying out to RCR.
Not much to report - where have tha last two months gone? I have not been getting much time in the shop. Although it has been nice to have Jack get his car as he and Will are both skilled guys. It helps to have a couple of other owners to discuss the car with who can directly relate to the challenges. I have managed to hang and latch the doors, get the front wheels ordered and delivered. Looks like I'll need longer front wheel studs to safely attach them. Ordered some rubber as the wood blocks the wheels currently rest on offer little in the way of traction.

Dave I'll PM you.

Dave Lindemann

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Rob -

How are things going with SLC 001? I know how difficult it can be to find time to work on a car given the state of the economy and the daily demands of life. I hope things are progressing for you. I just spoke with Fran the other day and ordered a front lift kit and a few other small items. I'm looking forward to starting on SLC 007 this summer but I need to finish the pole building first. Please give us an update when you have the opportunity.

Dave L
Rob -

How are things going with SLC 001? I know how difficult it can be to find time to work on a car given the state of the economy and the daily demands of life.

Dave L
Hi again Dave,
It was good to talk to you over the phone last week, seems between other interests and keeping the bills paid I don't have too many spare minutes to rub together lately, those that I do have I spend working on the car.

Here are some of the items covered so far in my adventure.

A) Capped the open ends of the upper frame member that makes up the dash crossbar, same for the upper ‘’B’’ post rail

B) Cut lower door hinge openings, leveled and reinforced the area behind where the hinge bracket mounts to the body to help guard against possible long term stress cracking.

C) Made and bonded in aluminum reinforcement plates to strengthen and level the body jamb area where the lower door hinge mates to body

D) Installed doors, mounted inner trim panels, made brackets for inner door handles, installed outer handles, made linkage

E) Designed and executed a gas strut solution to hold doors open

F) Had Recaro seats modified (shortened) to fit in car, mounted seats

G) Trimmed rear wheel well openings larger dia. to install rear wheels

H) Designed and building wider rear “fenders” to cover wider than stock rear wheel combination

To all - I hope you enjoy and please forgive if I don't get to post regularly ......cranky computers, lack of time and typing skills to boot.


Dave Lindemann

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Hey Rob -

For someone who doesn't have a lot of time available it looks to me like you've been busy! The wheels look fantastic and it looks like you have the bodywork taken care of to cover the extra wide rears - excellent. I really like the Recaro seats too - are you mounting them so they will be adjustable or fixed? What model did you use and what was involved with shortening them to fit? From my experience with Lotus cars, your reinforcement of the fiberglass for the doors is an excellent idea - fiberglass that is stressed will crack - eventually. At some point I'll need to get the details on your door strut solution as well. Looking good my friend - and don't worry about responding soon - we are all busy.

Take care,
Dave L

Exceptional job! +1 for the door struts. Most of us will probably want to go that route. Your photos and comments are greatly appreciated by current and future SL-C owners. They will certainly help out our builds. If you take your time as you are doing, maybe someone will be able to "overtake" you in parts of the build and you can have the favors returned!
Hey Rob -

I really like the Recaro seats too - are you mounting them so they will be adjustable or fixed? What model did you use and what was involved with shortening them to fit?

Take care,
Dave L
The seats are the Recaro Speed model with the high thigh bolster option, I was going to use the fore/aft tracks but found that range of travel un-needed. The tracks also cost 1" of headroom so they were deleted. I do make good use of the tilt and recline function as this allows access behind the seat and more driving position options. There is steel "roll hoop" that makes up the headrest area that needs to be shortened and reshaped, then the foam padding that ''clam shells'' around it needs to be shaped from square to round and the covering sewn to match.

Bill Musarra

You might want to look at the Racetech seats. They have one that is laid back and works well in the GT40s. It fits right up to the bulkhead. It too is a little tall, but it doesn't hit the roof as some you describe. It comes out of Australia and I can't remember how much I paid for mine. It uses a lot of the strech fabric which will pickup a lot of lint etc., but can be altered to a lether type if you have a good upholsterer(sp?).If you search for them it will be in the Racetech America section. I seem to remember the U S agent is in the western U S. They give good dimensions on their web site. I'm 5-9 at around? 160 and it fits me like a glove. My concerns were the width of the seat. Most of the others were too wide for the 40 and left barely any for the console if at all. Their seats are set up for the 6 point harness with pull throughs for the shooulder starps. If you look back in my build thread(DRB#5) I think there is a pic of them. If you neeed any other info on them let me know. I am at work right now or I would find the info. They come with a mouunting track/rack with many holes for selective mounting. There isn't an adjustable mechanism. It would have to be fabed. I may eventually get a set of regular seats for show.

J - Thanks I spent quite an amount of time getting all the measurements just right, even took delivery of the rears first so I could better decide on the front measurements. I am waiting the arrival of the remaining trim pieces from RCR,which should really finish the interior to a nice level.

Bill - Thanks for the info but, the pictures posted show the seats after the modifications were made. Although others here may be able to use your contribution, cheers.