SLC 001 Build

(this is information also posted in S2's build log)

Concerning blower motors or any 'high-at-the-front' intake manifolds for that matter. I am noticing that my lower passenger side mount AC position may be a problem. The 'final' engine installation was done with the body off the car, unfortunately there was recent cause to remove the engine. When doing so, the top of the blower hit the bottom of the tail of the roof scoop before the AC pump cleared the passenger side chassis engine standoff. This necessitated the removal of the AC pump before the engine could be extracted.

All this may be a moot point for the later cars with the bolt in engine mount cross
member, but for the rest of us, something to think about
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Made my way through all 31 pages! Lots of good ideas on build and finish. Thank you for posting your experience. I know I will be incorporating at least some of what you did into my build (when I get started - still a way away).
SLC 001, in the Sierras near Lake Tahoe, Ca. Its maiden long distance voyage. The first trip of any type beyond test loops. Hopefully, I'll have some quality photos and video to post in the near future.

It was a great 622 miles.


Almost 10 years to the day that you first posted!
Car looks stunning!
Really, really nice. :)

Edit, did I miss the posts on where you did the body modifications? Love that look.
Wow Rob, that’s a tremendous accomplishment! You drove right past my house on the way up and back as you know. Next time you think you are heading up this way please let me know and stop by. We would love to see you again!

Will you be in Monterey (our usual rendezvous spot) next month? Perhaps meet at Baja Cantina?
Gentlemen, your comments are appreciated. Thank you.

John “Dallas”
It has been a long road with many modifications along the way. As with all ideas, having the idea is the easy part. At this stage (notice I didn’t say “in the end”) I am satisfied with the result, still… there are a few things mentioned in the thread that will be added in the future. Many of the modifications are covered in this thread, although the later work is a little light. The primary objective of late was getting this project on the road, perhaps now there will be time to back fill in some of the details.
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A family event prompted me to dedicate this introduction to the men in my family that have come before me. Grandfathers, father and uncles were/are all gearheads, mechanical and inventive. It is for them and the inspiration provided that this work carries the name.

I am constantly impressed by the knowledge, skill and creativeness of the members of this forum, from engineers, fabricators and mechanics to people coming here from non-mechanical backgounds. The abilities and varied points of view on display here give interesting, differing, valued prospective of what and how to achieve.

Like all here we have vision of what a car tailored to our exact preferences should look like. My particular vision required balancing performance, handling, power, long trip storage, comfort and visual impact. All while attempting to maximize the intrinsic values of the intoxicating all aluminum Superlite product that brought us here in the first place. With that in mind, a journey was set in motion. What you see here is a near complete mile marker in that journey.

Allow me to introduce -
Mesa, One
(maker, mesa. model, one)

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I pretty much followed your build thread from the beginning - or better, you posted frequently and your name got stuck in my brain. So everytime you posted I knew it will be interesting.
However, when looking to your latest pics your exhaust caught my eye. I could not recall it and went back through your build......
You must be very proud!!! Such a long build, all the ideas and changes you realized..... but you pulled through
Congratulation also from my side.
Btw, I really like your exhaust - you need to post a video with sound.
Really breathtaking Mesa! Thanks for taking such amazing photos for the big debut! Also, I would love to see more shots of the interior all lit up.