SLC 001 Build

Wow, love those fat Can Am tires in the rear. Love the small front intake just for brake cooling because you split the radiators and moved them to the rear. Almost like looking at a Tesla, your brain says there's something wrong. here The front end doesn't have the normal large opening to cool a radiator. That SLC is freaking gorgeous!!

Howard Jones

GT40s Supporter
Robert has completed the most extensive design changes to date to a SLC. They are really well done as well as beautiful. I can't wait to see under the bodywork. You technical guys really have a treat in store.

His car really speaks to the strengths of the SLC platform. In itself a really timeless design but it also has all the elements necessary to allow for almost unrestricted personal design changes.

I have been watching this car being transformed for quite a few years now and I still am stunned by its futuristic look. Really well done Robert.
Been noticing something as I get out and drive more and more. Men and boys are of course enthusiastic, no surprise there, but many people that I would ever expect to care for any type of performance car stop and take note. Older women for one group, normally never known to even glance at this type automobile pause, circle (literally), and ask questions.

Pretty cool.
For us Ricardo users;
Do you have any free play when you first start to depress the clutch pedal? Meaning - before the slave cylinder comes in contact with the clutch fingers. Mine gives full resistance as soon as I touch the pedal. I'm thinking I need to look into this....

I do not have any free play in the clutch and my throw on the pedal is pretty short.