SLC 001 Build

I just found the nearest V6 Camry and got to business. Sorry but I didn't pay any attention to the year, just eyeballed the starter plug and went to work.

Really easy to get to, just remove the throttle cable (?) base (topside, right of the engine compartment) with the afore mentioned 10mm socket or wrench and its right there for the taking.

Hell Ken, where were you 6 hours ago? I could have saved myself the adventure and just bought a new one!
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Think so, although I am also going to look at making the covers out of thicker lexan. Reason being I'd like to have limited flange areas just in the corners, be able to fasten it in just corners and not have it crack or be floppy as a result. Goal being - easy to remove, less busy via less fasteners and less flange area for a clean open look without the need for a black border.

We'll see how it goes.
Scott started later, cuts faster, cuts more, cuts deeper. The guy is a freaking buzzsaw. It's damn near a sport just watching what he'll dream up (and actually do) next!
I never met a piece of fiberglass I couldn't cut! Haha.

Like the new headlight design. The over hang effect in the back is a cool look.
Thanks guys for the positive input (negative is welcome as well).

I realized that I've been drawing cat eye headlight openings since, like, 5th grade. Funny there would come a time to put all that 'work' done in Mrs. Barns class to good effect.

The headlight bucket will be held in with 'click bond' fasteners supplied by Jack, as they will need to be out of the car in order to paint them. Another benefit is I can make an alternative bucket that hold some other type of light or style and then just bolt them in.

Now for the next question: Do I make a lens for them or leave them open? Opinions welcome.