The Good Old Days

Early sixties "Sramble" somewhere in England

Fluff Brown leading the race on a Cotton, with a Villiers Starmaker engine

The St Johns Ambulance man, doesnt seem to worried about his own safety

Does anyone have any similar pics of racing from thet era


Thats not a pallet he is sat on, its his own "Flat Pack Coffin".......

Safety wasnt high on the list in those days...They wore no body armour, just a Rugby Shirt...they were light, and didnt rip easly if you did fall off..

It was common place to be going fast down a fast straight, get into a "Tank Slapper", and go over the handle bars...Fluff broke his collar bone so many times, he has large lumps on them where they have healed

There was also great competition between the differnt factory teams..Going to a meeting, Fluff was overtaken by Badger Goss, who leaned out of the window, and fired a shot gun over Fluffs van.......just for a bit of fun.......