the Steinard MK3 takes shape

Hi John,

Hope you had a good Christmas. Uprights are all but done and will definitely be in the post by the end of the week. What's the story with Clevis's ?? I have a set that I may not use now If you want them, They are "Flat Chat" ones I have tapped them to suit 1/2" studs/bolts and 1/2" rose joints. Like the sound of more McLarens being built, you will be able to start a race series for replica's at this rate.

Cheers Leon
Hi Mate yeah ill definitely have them as 1/2" is spot on. youll have to work out a price for the trans as well and ill add that to a quote.

cheers John
Well that didn't take long one car confirmed order, and another pending within 24hrs, guess I know what ill be doing this coming year,
Leon best you extract a didget on that tranny, as I might have sold another same as mine.
he's going 600+hp so he'll need a decent box.
cheers John
Rear clip now mounted and pivots perfectly, only down side is it would take approx. 10 mins to remove the clip from the car, but I can live with that.

quick coat of paint and its done and dusted.

cheers John
Uprights arrived from Leon last week so I started on them today and made a start on fitting up suspension components, first up make two 10" long 1/2"NF bolts for the bottom mounts and clevis , then drill and tap the upright for the shock mount, then lastly make up a 3mm link bar to put said mount into double sheer, so when its all done it looks like this.

all I need now is some rim halves so I can mount some tyres, and it can come down off the table onto its wheels.
cheers John
Well finaly making some head way, rear suspension is now pretty much all sorted, had a couple of minor design issues but managed to over come all with a bit of careful planning, and a fair bit of luck, as initially the bottom control rod wanted to be in the same space as the engine mount diagonal, and I thought it was going to be engine out and some gentle surgery, but as the McLaren uprights allow an easy 8" of back space, by moving the hub face out everything clears all with room to spare with a full 3" of suspension travel, which will be more than enough, and I wind up with the wheel center right in the middle of the 16" rim, which will be good for the wheel bearing loadings and still gets every thing under the rear wheel arch, one very happy chappy.
and the best part is the entire range of adjustment can be made by simply turning the appropriate arm, as everything is rod end mounted with left and right hand joints.

all I have to do now is mount the top of the shock, then pop over the other side and do it all again.

cheers John
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I like the method for double sheer on the shock mounts will tuck that one in the memory for mine. Gear box castings arrived today so will be onto that asap.

Cheers Leon.
Hi mate its only 3 mm plate, and 10mins to make and it gives that much more security, especially on a hi load joint like the shocky.
yeah ha so I should have the trany by fri, :pepper:

cheers John
Well guys i'm not overly sure how many updates if any you may get from now on.
Its amazing how life can change in a heart beat, one moment your on top of the world, the next it all comes tumbling down at your feet, firstly some one I had the upmost respect and admiration for and who I trusted implicitly let me down, then I get news that no one likes to hear, but as they say you have to play with the cards as their dealt, so while i'm able I will do my damndest to finish the McLaren, and spent some quality time with my beautiful wife.
its been an absolute pleasure being a member of this forum and I've got to know some incredibly talented people, and the Colonel, who make my measly efforts pale in significance.
cheers John
Thanks Russ but you have enough on your plate with Carol to worry about me, ill be fine, its something that's been hanging over my head since my by pass operation so it was only a matter of time, and was no surprise, but hey look on the bright side, I got almost 5 years bonus so far, and in that time ive built 2 Lotus sevens, the LMP, 2 F5000's, 1 finished, 1 rolling chassis, then throw in 7 GT40 chassis and almost finished a McLaren M1, so a bloke cant really complain to much aye. my only regret is I'll probably never get to drive the Macca which is a bit of a bugger but shit happens.
you just concentrate on looking after Carol.
cheers John
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Randy V

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Hang in there John!!! I'll be talkin' with The Man Upstairs!
Carol was blown away by what you have achieved in the last five years, really impressed so best wishes.
Wishing you all the best, Russell and Carol
ps Chemo was delayed last week and has again been delayed for this week whilst those little imunes grow back.....
John never give up the ship. The Drs are not always right. They told me in 03 that I'd never survive without a heart transplant. Well here it is 2017 and no transplant. I do what I damn well please (or my wife lets me LOL). Trust in the man up stairs & never give up. Just keep on chuggin along. I kept telling the Drs "I don't have time to be sick" I just turned 65.