the Steinard MK3 takes shape

John, I don't know how you build at such a pace, if looking at my pile of parts and scratching my head counted I would still be a county mile behind you. The car looks fantastic. I can't wait to see her done. Cheers , Vinny
Hi Vinny, mate I have the luxury of being retired, so I get to spend a couple of hrs on the ole girl every day,
thanks for the kind words
cheers John
Hi John,
Got the diff section done yesterday and a box from Summit Racing turned up on the courier this morning with all the new studs, the pinion and shaft should be done now I have to call the engineer this morning and I will be on it all day and the weekend I will get you some photos and put them up soon as. Hope you are well.

Cheers Leon.
Sounds good mate look forward to seeing the pics, that's all i'm basically waiting for now and its a goer.

cheers John
Major mile stone today, 6 months and 3 weeks after drawing the first chalk mark on the floor and she rolls out of the shed on wheels, ride height at present is 4" which is way to high, but even at that she's low and long.
one very happy chappy :pepper:


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Looking bloody good John. Forgive my ignorance for this question but you mentioned ride height and that you'll be lowering the car from its current 4" to even lower but in the picture the "door" is laid open which begs me to question were doors required in this cars class when it raced similar to the outrageous requirement for luggage compartments on GT 40's etc that ran at Le Mans? I'd think given the height of the car a driver would simply jump over the sill to gain access to the seat.

Can't wait to see the finished car.
That`s great to see, there is something special to roll out a car that you have built yourself...even better when you get to drive it in earnest. John, my ride height is around 70mm which means a well designed trailer with long ramps.
Mike, I think the first basic rules were;
Two doors
Two seats
And the body must cover the wheels at all times. Even those rules were `loose`(Denny got disqualified once when he knocked off a front corner.
As for access, yes with long legs you just swing em over, sit down and enjoy the ride.
Yep your right Russ two seats, two doors , I think they were the only two rules in Can Am,
but apart from filling the void between the front and rear clip they have absolutely no real purpose.

cheers John
Looks fantastic Mate. I bet you are hanging out to give it a run, I'll try not to make that too long. How are you getting on with the wheel issue.

Cheers Leon
Hi mate under control I think, ive put the GT40 wheels on for now, but their to small and the off sets all wrong but its off the ground so its a start.
you don't realize how big the bloody thing is till its on the ground with all the body work on it, would be fantastic as a road car, as long as dogs didn't grow any taller than dachshunds, lol.

cheers John
I'm not sure about Can-Am but for FIA (Le Mans etc) I think they had to have a spare tire too. It was when the "powers that be" started making rules & manipulating things. That a lot of builders lost interest like Chaporal. Said it just wasn't fun anymore.
I managed to squeeze a couple of hrs in the shed this morning before the GP tele cast started, and pleased to say I now have a working clutch, and a good brake pedal with brakes on all 4 corners, yeah ha, all I need now is a trany, hint hint, lol

cheers John
Those clevis that John has fitted to his rear suspension, how much thanks and what are they made from?