Toyota 1uz V8 throttle bodies

Hi there
Thinking of making a significant investment with the purchase of a set of throttle bodies for the Toyota 1UZ V8 that is going in my current build.
Am trying to buy these on line and be sent to a US address and am having difficulty in contacting the company. Has anyone had any dealings with ` RACING PARTS DEPOT`
Have read a couple of negative comments.
Any help appreciated.
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Russell, I know someone that purchased the Ebay 1UZ throttle body set up. They were not too bad but did have the typical "made in China" quality / manufacturing problems. I am assuming that is the OBX ITB set that you are thinking about ? As with much of that stuff you are at the mercy of luck as you could just as well get a perfect part. At the price, it is worth the purchase and the hassle to return if has quality issues. They will never be a Jenvy or other quality ITB.

I have Kinsler injection on my motor and even though they are a quality ITB they required an adapter plate for the 1UZ. That makes the direct bolt on OBX units a neat set up if they don't have build issues. If you want to do a bit more work, look to adapt BMW S54 ITB's. They are a great unit, OEM quality, and reasonably priced used. Attached a pic of the IUZ with the Kinsler ITB's. Trans mount for mock up only, yes that is not strong enough.


Russ the OBX itb's are rubbish, the shafts run in the housing, no bearings or seals, and as such don't last very long, Speedmaster make a better set with bearings and seals, that's what ive used on the Macca, and could be adapted easy enough, ive also seen 20V 4AGE throttle bodies used on the 1UZ, was a guy in Auck that made the manifold for them, the BMW are also a good option.

Thanks guys, was getting a bit advanced on my dreams anyway, I think I will stick with stock for the moment and do it as an upgrade at a later date.
I like the idea of 20v throttle bodies some time in the future after a bit of learning.
Russ with the 20V ITB's you have two different sizes, the silver top ones are 42mm and the later Black top ones are 45mm, other that that they are identical and are interchangeable.