Warts and all GT40 Australia #48

hi guys , im still trying to contact MBEASY.
no luck so far. what about u aussies then, hes over there somewhere. thanks steve

Very nice car; excellent job!

What did you use for wheels. I'd like to use something similar. Would you mind sharing the spec's (diameter, width, backspace)?


Pete McCluskey.

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Hi, Charlie, wheels are Simmons three piece 17*8 front 17*12 rear.
Tires are Pirelli Pzero 255/40ZR17 front and 355/35ZR17 rear. I cant find backspace spec but will keep looking.
Now that looks better. Any progress on the power steering? I've read comments from a GT40 driver (UK I think) who had power steering with an electric oil pump on his 40 to save effort on long distance races.


Pete McCluskey.

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Now that looks better. Any progress on the power steering? I've read comments from a GT40 driver (UK I think) who had power steering with an electric oil pump on his 40 to save effort on long distance races.

Not really Dalton, I've had a look at a lot of EPAS web sites but so far all the units are either far to expensive or to big. I.E. wont fit.


That’s a much better look Pete. I also had to use the Supa-Trapps to get passed the noise test but they are way too ugly. I am currently experimenting with a system that will fit inside the existing 3” tail pipes. After some time in use I’d say that baffle will turn black and you will hardly notice it. I need to spend a bit more time on them to sort out the appropriate end plate design but they should do the job and look sweet.


.....just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Pete's car gets even better! Looking the goods Pete.

Hey Pete, any chance you can shoot me a copy of the pics or are they the set you already sent me. I'll post details on the mirrors if any one is interested.

Hey, I liked the orange socks! They made a statement.
Seriously, the extremely high standard of finish exhibited by most GT40's, and including yours Pete, is keeping values up and should be maintaining a high level of credibility and desirability for these fantastic replicas, which is great. Such a far cry from the rough fibreglass body on an old VW floor pan, with a slab of plywood for a dashboard. With sound engineering, great attention to detail, and holy cr#p performance, these 40's get RESPECT and REVERENCE.

Pete McCluskey.

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The Gt40 that went Snick.:mad:

Shortly after fitting my new muffler, I noticed a noise that appeared to be coming from the rear, a sort of snick sound.
I thought Ah Ha, new muffler touching the heat shield after it expands with heat. The noise was only heard after the car had warmed up; it was intermittent and only able to be heard in fifth gear at about 2,200 RPM. 100 KPH.
I inspected the heat shield top and bottom and there was plenty of clearance. But the support brackets that went through the lower shield were very tight and may well have been touching when hot.
So off came the heat shield and the muffler when it had cooled down and out came my trusty angle grinder to remove some metal from the brackets.
Re-assemble the whole shooting match and go for a drive and guess what? You got it, snick snick, back to drawing board.
I was still convinced the noise was coming from the muffler/heat shield area so when it all cooled down dis- assembled it again and all looked O.K. This time I took the lower heat shield off, (the one directly above the transaxle) and low and behold, an obvious mark on the heat shield where it had been coming into contact with the gear box. You Bewdy I thought got it!
Out with tools again and cut away a small part of the shield to allow clearance. Re-assemble the lot and go for a drive to check it out.
Arrrgh snick, snick again.
Sit and ponder for a while, about a six pack’s worth of pondering in fact. Leaning on the rear anti sway I heard “snick”.
Ah Ha, a slight amount of play in the rose joint, maybe that’s it? Disconnect the sway bar but no more driving that day because of aforementioned six pack.
The next Day, go for a drive, yep snick, snick. Now out of ideas I call my mate Ross an Engineer and ask him to come for a drive and have a listen.
Ross thinks it sounds like a solenoid switching behind the passenger’s seat, only problem is there are no solenoids there.
Could it be the Accusump? It has a switch but it is always on unless manually turned off. Check the wiring, all seems
O.K. Switch Accusump on and off, without the engine running and there was no sound at all. So what next? Could it be spit back I suggest, I don’t think so, says Ross let’s take the filters off the stack pipes and go for another run.
So here we go again sure enough a couple of kilometers later snick, snick. No detectable sign of spit back.

Ring PR and explain the problem, it’s due for a service and a stint on the Dyno anyway. Bring it down say’s Peter.
A day later the mystery is solved, it is definitely spit back, the front two cylinders on the left bank are running lean. (at least we had the side correct). But what is causing it to do so?
First suspect the injector’s, we do a flow test. Perfect. Compression and leak down test? Perfect. Fuel mapping looks O.K. but we are 10hp down on the Dyno despite the engine having done 10,000k.
Much scratching of heads….DING let’s check the throttle butterflies.
Eureka some how the front two butterflies had shifted very slightly and were causing the problem.
Adjust them and back on the Dyno. This time a 20 HP increase rather than a 10 HP decrease, in all a 30 HP turnaround.:pepper: :pepper:

Big smiles all around. :D
So Friends and neighbor’s if you’re your GT40 starts going snick snick at odd times check the butterfly’s.