What have I done....


Hi all

Well they say the first thing when you have an addiction is to admit it and so....

"I have an addiction to the GT40"​

Always have and always will so I decided to admit it and today placed a chassis order with Mick at Southern GT which will be the start of a great, probably frustrating, at times "what have I done?" build of a true super car, road legal race car.... Bonkers.

Head said GD427, fine car with a great chassis and top company, heart said GT40, better chassis, rare and beautiful and again a fine company (his workshop is a real childhood memory lane for me). I was raised on a farm with a neighbour who restored and raced 1930/1940's cars so its in my blood from the age of 3 to today. Just looked and learnt from him, what that bloke could not do you could write on a Rizla paper.

That's it, addiction sorted, workshop at the ready, if you can all be prepared for some questions, queries and banter then that will be very much appreciated.

A great decision that you won’t regret SGT do produce a cracking GT40.

What have you got planned for the drive train?


Thanks all, re drive train Mick suggested a 331 stroker pre 93, Renault gearbox, LSD plus a set of the Weber 40's EFI, he had a set on a vehicle which he started whilst I was there, look the part, great sound and very mappable.

Mike Pass

Good stuff Shaun. It might be a good idea to join the GT40 Enthusiasts Club as you can get to meet other GT40 owners who will have lots of first hand experience and cars to look at. As your location is only listed as " UK" I can't point you at your local area organiser. Post your location and you can be put in contact with the nearest group to you. Lots of help on here and via club members who have built or are building Southern GTs.

Good decision, I have always found Mick at Southern to be very helpful, he produces a great product. Always at the end of a phone for advice.


Thanks for the fine welcome all, my location is Sussex, closest town is Uckfield, I live just outside a place called Fletching so anyone local drop me a note or if I could be pointed to the nearest organiser that would be great, Mike I will join that club now. Cheers

Ian Anderson

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Welcome to the crazy house!

You have two meetings reasonably close, Surrey that meet in Cobham, and Kent across in Maidstone.

And you are also fairly close to the repair guru of Frank Catt down in Hailsham


Brian Magee

Hi Shaun,

At Thruxton on Sunday 3rd June we will be having a display of 11 GT40s. It is their 50th anniversary race meeting and we will have examples of KVA, GTD, Tornado, Southern GT and Superformance. For anyone considering building a car, here is an opportunity to compare different makes and talk to the owners.