Where does everyone live?

I live in Westchester New York. It would be terrific if there was a GT40 near me that I could take a look at and get some build tips.

But I have no idea. There could be a car in the next town over and I wouldn’t know.

I bet a lot of us have neighboring towns that could have a 40 in the garage and we don’t know it.

So tell us where you live and maybe we can come and take a look at your cars? I would find that extremely helpful since I’m building from scratch and I’ve NEVER seen a GT40 in person.

Dave Hood

Lifetime Supporter
I'm in suburban Charlotte, about an hour south of Dennis Olthoff's shop, 15 minutes from Holman Moody, and 30 minutes from Paul Whitlock. Thankful to have many of the best local GT40 resources near me.

Chris Kouba

Portland, OR.

Drop on by, there are two RCR's within sight of each other out here. I think there's a T-70 around here as well.


Warwick (town), Queensland (state), Australia (country)
The land of the aborigine, who god told them not to do anything till he got back :)