ZF Inspection

Hi Guys,

I have just taken the cover plate of a Pantera (dash2) ZF gearbox I bought in an auction a few years ago and I was pleasantly surprised that the crown wheel and pinion look almost brand new. Am I right in thinking, if it has been lock wired, then it's been re built in the past?

Also I have to do the modifications to flip it and while it is apart is there anything specific I should check, apart from syncro ring wear, cracked/damaged gears and worn bearings etc?


Brian C


Lifetime Supporter
As you have discovered it's possible to remove the bottom plate (Pantera orientation) to access the Crown Wheel & Pinion and thus the safety wiring can be undertaken without ever touching the rest of the internals. The Pantera vendors sell a safety wire kit and it's a job most home mechanics can undertake, whereas a rebuild is not, so no I would not assume it has been rebuilt in the past just because it's safety wired.
Thanks Bob, I will check the syncro gaps when it is apart, I come from a motorsport background, so are used to dog rings, but have done very little with syncro rings, so this is a bit of a voyage of discovery!