Miami Active Power Build

I am not a fabricator or an engineer but can figure things out and follow instructions. I had fun building a Cobra many years ago and decided to now build a GT40. I did lots of research looking for an affordable rolling chassis build. I looked at the quality of several manufacturers and found Active Power to be a competitor. I saw one of his recently completed GTs in Florida and was impressed with the car. I made the purchase about 2 months ago and the assembly has started. Two inch flares will be added for the 12.5 BRM rear wheels. The car will be Powered by a crate Ford Boss 302 with a Borla 8 stack induction intake and a Porsche 997 transaxle. I am interested in a straightforward road build and hopefully complete within one year. I will try and attach progress pictures.
I am really interested in following this build. I have talked with Chris a few times and started acquiring C5 suspension parts. It sounds like my build plan is similar to yours. Small block, 997 transaxle, basic build. Hopefully I can keep the Daytona Coupe and still build this..

Rob, Chris is very accessible and promptly replys to my many questions. His builds appear to be fairly smooth, avoiding complicated body and windshield fitment issues. I was able to keep my 62 Corvette.
Hey George,

I’m building an Active Power Car also. I bought a used bare chassis that was never completed.

I’m starting in the front and working my way back. I just finished the cooling system. I’ve added the master cylinders, sway bar, steering, pedals and C5 suspension.

I really like this chassis.



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Steve, you are doing an amazing job, looks great. Chris the owner of AP is very helpful and can get most of everything you need at a better price. I just ordered the engine and transaxle adapter from him at a better price. My roller is still a couple of months away and he sends me progress pictures. I tried posting a few but was unsuccessful. I will find a way and post pictures.
Thanks George and good luck with your build. Yes Chris is very helpful.

I’m going to start a build thread soon. I’m in no hurry, I’m taking my time and enjoying the ride. This is one of the most rewarding builds I’ve done.

I usually work on old cars that are greasy and filthy. This is a new build and everything is new and clean. I think I like this better!

I’m going with a Coyote engine and a Porsche transaxle.

Just finished the cooling system today.

Here are some shots of the completed cooling system.

Keep me posted on your progress.



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Steve, that is the way to go, take your time, do it right and have fun. The cooling setup looks great and clean. Your power is basically what I will be using. I’m waiting for the delivery of a new crate Ford Boss 302, it’s been on back order for a month. Last week I purchased a Porsche 997 transaxle that should arrive this week. Keep up the good work.
I ordered the shifter cable operated kit from Chris for the 997 transaxle and paid $500. I’m hoping it’s a plug and play???

Rick Merz

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Since you are from Va. Beach I was wondering if you are related to Bobby Twine? I worked at the Ford plant until July 2006.

Rick Merz
These are some of the pictures of the chasis and body work currently being done at Active Power. The chasis should be powder coated next week and 3 inch flares will be added to fit the 12.5 inch wide tires.


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No, I’m trying to keep my cost (and marriage) in control. I bought an OPL radiator and it took some modification, but it looks like it’s going to work ok.

The cooling fans should be in this week.

Steve, your cooling system and the install looks great and without a doubt it will work. Keep up the good work.
I purchased the BRM 17 inch wheels with the tires from a forum member. They are new and shipped to Active Power to be properly fitted, not knowing if the flares needed to be 2 or 3 inches. The rear tires are 315/35 and the fronts are 225/45.