1. PeteB

    Car Cover recommendations

    Anyone buy a car cover for your SLC? What did you get?
  2. JBurer

    Graziano Gearing and Drop Gears

    I put this post together to help others avoid the pitfalls I've encountered with my Graziano L140 - transaxle from the Ausdi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo and some others. There's a huge amount of misinformation out there about gear ratios (including Audi's own product guides) and all aspects of a...
  3. S

    realistic build cost?

    Hi! I am planing my GT40 build atm and want to hear from people who have finished or are nearly finished with their scratchbuilds what the final cost of the build landed on. Please tell me a little about the finished car so i can get an idea of how much was sourced from suppliers and what...
  4. Dave Hood

    GT40 #1046 on Chasing Classic Cars

    Tonight's episode on Chasing Classic Cars features #1046, the MKII car that won LeMans in 1966. The car is currently owned by RK Motors in Charlotte. RK Motors - GT40 P/1046 The show begins at 9:00pm Eastern on the Velocity Channel.
  5. A

    FORD GT 2005-06. Is their a kit?

    Looking at doing a GT40 kit. But prefer the look of the noughties car (personal preference). Does anyone make a kit for replicating the 2005-06 car or panels. standard or GT3?
  6. L

    End to a longtime kit car saga!

    Hello, I started my journey over ten years ago to build a mid engine kit car. I looked at the GT40, Ultima, SLC and GTM. Ultimately, I ended up getting a great deal on a partially completed GTM. That was back in 2008. Now, almost 10 years later I've finally given up. The car was really too...
  7. A

    From Norway gratitude:)

    Hi I have been at this forum a while (2006) but never introduced myself. For me it started because I wanted a AC Cobra. So I followed some years when a saw the GT. I knew then I had to get one someday. I live in Norway so both the tax and the rules for replica cars make this...
  8. Ron Earp

    Back to the Future-Ron and Sydney's 1985 5L Mustang Build

    I've been off for many years doing lots of things, mainly racing. Last year I managed to win our SCCA SARRC points racing series with my SCCA ITS Mustang. So this year I'm talking a bit of a break and doing other projects. Good thing too, because my daughter turns 16 in several months and she'll...
  9. B

    Found a Transaxel in the UK, Any Trusted GT40 Member Want To Help Out?

    Not sure where best to post this. I found a transaxel I am interested in purchasing located in Scotland, but barring a flight overseas, being in Canada I can't check it out myself. I'm also a careful person and would like to know what I'm buying is what the guy says it is. Are there any...
  10. P

    This is Germany calling

    Dear ladies and gentlenerds, my name is Peter and I am like most of you a car enthusiast. Lately I've been working on mid 60s to mid 70s American Muscle and some older German Mercs. I have owned some 70s Mercedes myself and my current "project" is a 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood Custom which I am...
  11. kgschrader

    Superformance GT40 MKII For Sale. ***SOLD***

    Editing this on 29 January 2019: I will open it up again and see if I can sell my Superformance GT-40 MKII 2155 I keep getting told the price is too high, so, I'll lower it $5,000 $140,000 Why am I selling it? I have too many other things to work on and I don't pay it justice. I don't drive it...
  12. M

    A rare opportunity

    Gentlemen & others (you know who you are LOL) I have the opportunity to purchase a spot on reproduction tub & body for a T70 3B. My concern is I want to build a street car. I'd like some advise from those more knowledgeable on such things than I. Is a mono tub actually a good choice as a street...
  13. S

    GTD FEL 747D...sold!

    Well, that didn't last long......I only bought the old girl in January, but common sense has kicked in and I've realised the work involved in a total refurbishment, is probably more than building a completely new car! I've decided that unless I can get my hands on a part completed project (...
  14. P

    bringing previously titled SB100 car back to California

    Does anyone know if I move to another state and register/re-title my SB100 California car there, then move back to California at a later date, will I get my SB100 status back automatically?
  15. B

    Hydraulic Car Ramps

    I haven't tried these hydraulic car ramps, but they look useful. When flat, they're only 5" (12.5cm) tall. They have a foot pump to raise the ramps to a max of 16" (38.5cm). The prices (before VAT) for a pair are GBP 350 for 900KG capacity and GBP 375 for 1,350KG capacity. HYDRAULIC CAR...
  16. N

    Legal Question

    is forbidden to create a replica car nonprofit? because I saw a article where mercedes destroyed a company that produced replicas of the gullwing.
  17. S

    I need help identifying my body make

    I bought this body and plan on putting it on a fiero chassis for now but i need to find out what make it is and where to get a windshield, rear window, upper and lower light covers for it. I would also like to know what people opinions are for modifing the body to make it a little more sturdy...