1. L

    FS USA G50/52 Turbo 5 speed with LSD

  2. N


    Just saying hello to you all, new member to the Kit Car scene.
  3. H


    What's the best place to look for either used SuperLite's or not completed kits/projects? Challenge- The least expensive track car (nemesis) it's a single seater I need something with two seats since I'm going to have to have an instructor co-driving until I'm cleared to drive solo...
  4. P

    A new SLC is hitting the streets & Tracks

    Where to start? OK, the beginning. Since I was a little kid I have loved (and worked on ) cars. As an adult I have almost always had "a project" car to keep me busy. I got into drag racing for a while and then about 10 years ago (thankfully) I found track driving. Since then I have been...
  5. A

    Camaro SS Brembo Brake Package

    I have a full caliper and rotor set from a very low mileage 2010 Camaro SS. The car was converted to a race car from new so the rotors and calipers have around 250 mi. I added them to the inventory planning (potentially) an SLC project but it looks like that isn't going to happen after I...
  6. S

    Custom car 1979

    Gt40 owner, hope you can read it!
  7. Veek


    Legendary Motorcars featured the restoration and recent sale of P1028, the first road car delivered to the USA. The resoration is impressive as was the sale price. Photos here: 1966 Ford GT40 MkI | Lot S103 | Monterey 2016 | Mecum Auctions Interestingly, it came with air conditioning. Does...
  8. M

    The Driven Experience Co: Renting a 991 GT3 in California

    I wanted to share a fantastic experience I had renting a 991 GT3 from a company called The Driven Experience Co. I recently travelled to California from the Midwest and was looking for a fun car to rent while I was out there. I stumbled across a rental company with some awesome driver’s cars...
  9. M


    There is one red light and one green light on the top of this car #1049. What are they for?
  10. 5

    Identify this car and people?

    Hi Guys, Check out this old photo. I believe that is a Ford behind the wheel of Old 999, and for sure that is Jim Clark in the Lotus-Ford. But who is the guy with the GT40. And which car is that?
  11. T

    Hello again - thinking of another GT40

    Hi all Just wanted to say hi again as haven't been on here for a few years since selling my part finished Tornado replica. Owning a GT40 was a real dream for me but as my build progressed I realised that as much time and attention and original parts that I lavished on the car it wasn't going to...
  12. F

    Aero owners & soon to be owners

    Starting a thread for Aero owners and soon to be owners. Anyone taken delivery of their Aero yet? What has your experience been with setup and other aspects of the car? I know there's one owner for a fact as he and fran ran down at road ATL back in March. I ordered mid feb and am waiting on...
  13. F

    I introduce myself, I'm Francesco from Italy

    First excuse my english ..... i'm a tattoo artist and i love nice things, including cars. My favorite car has always been the GT40, but I could not afford it, I focused my attention on the mustangs, from 1965 to 1970, especially fastbacks. I have bought some in bad conditions over the years...
  14. B


    Just joined up 1 as a fan of the gt40 and 2 to hopefully unite some parts I have that I think would make a gt40 owner happy. Get out the pitchforks, I'm a Chevy guy, BUT the GT40 is one of the baddest Racecars ever built and I have a soft spot in my heart for them and their successes on the...
  15. F

    Outside Mirrors Superformance

    Hello, do anybody know , from which car are the outside mirrors from the superformance GT 40? Thanks Frank
  16. PeteB

    Nice car on the Orafol Wraps page

    Bold, unique, and hella fast. Cincy... - ORAFOL Vehicle Wraps | Facebook ;)
  17. D

    Fast Car Festival, Donnington

    :helmet: On the 2nd July there is a Fast Car Festival at Donnington Park Circuit, as posted on the Club Website > Events page The Fast Car Festival | The Fast Car Festival Peter Thompson, our NW Area Rep is organising TRACK TIME but has a very short window of time in which to find...
  18. I

    Taxes when registering the car?

    I was asked by a co-worker about registering my car and got me thinking... I'm sure it may vary by state, but generally speaking how does paying taxes typically work with a component car? Is it stated on the certificate? Do you have to provide proof, and if so what all do you have to provide...
  19. F

    Big Bend Open Road Race 2017

    This year's race went only slightly better for us. After trashing the LS7 last year, we stuffed in a more budget friendly LS1. Motor was fresh from a reputable shop with a stock lower end. Tuned on a rolling Dyno after it was in the car. Motor lasted through about 15 Dyno pulls, a 20 mile...
  20. M

    Introduction - One more time

    Hello all, I originally did an introduction last year. Mitch Krause, from Minnesota. The introduction went along with a request for information and such, and did end up in me narrowing in on options. Long story short, I was able to meet Randy via this forum to pick his brains on car...