1966 historical photo's

Pete McCluskey.

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Re: 1966 historical photo\'s

Hi Chris great pics.Thanks for posting them. Excuse my ignorance but what are the rectangular box's either side of the exhaust pipes? Looks to me like they could be fuel tanks
but seems a very dodgey position in the event of a rear end shunt. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
Re: 1966 historical photo\'s

To comply with race regulations the cars had to have luggage compartments of a certain size. This was the only position on the MK11 that was available.
PS you can always tell a GT40 owner by the hot suitcases.
Look closer; The #5 on the door is backwords, the "ord" is bacwords with the "F" missing out of view. The negitive got flipped. FOREVER FORD!
Bringing this thread back from the dead but does anyone know if the rear center scoop on 1046 is clear ie, plastic or possibly glass and see through? I'm referring to the one just behind the rear window and it's hard to tell from the pics.