Assembling a Monocoque

Randy V

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Very nice.. Looks like Galvanized Steel... Are you going to use bladders for the fuel tanks?


Yes it is Galvanized Steel .
If possible to build the bladders I will do so. Have not used to many thoughts on the subject at this time.
One have to get the rubber and so on.


Bill , sorry I have no comments to Your Question , but I will continue to post pictures of most of the parts until the mono is completed .
you are a lucky, lucky man, i know, you lough every time you see the drawings, you are realy a lucky man.
and you made a perfekt work. i hope you show us the other parts you made in future.
thank´s to you



John, Not cut by hand.
As I have mentioned before in another tread , I'm not the arcitect behind this, I'm only a lucky person given the oppertunity to build this jewel box.
And I do this work witch is alot of blood swet and tears, with a smile.
Hi, As you mentioned in another thread one my be worn-out by making all these parts, good job. Might I ask, why is there such a big secret about the few plans around the world, will someone die if a few copies get out? You are doing a great job-keep the pics coming. Mike