Aussie RCR T70 capers

Brian Kissel

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Chris, Sorry for your luck. Did that get into the tub hard ? Also, how much fire damage ?

Regards Brian


Just replaced broken upper A arm heim joint and steering arm bolts --a quick wheel alignment, nose back on and all good to go, finishing the last races
Some cracked fibreglass repairs needed -- the radiator dodged a bullet again thankfully and no noticeable fire damage


We did our first enduro, w'end gone
so --we stuffed as much fuel into the tank as it would take ( turns out to be ~50 something litres) and hope for the best -- the race duration was to be 50 mins with a 45 sec pitstop/ or driver change
Most elements were covered -- dodging crash damage , oil spills, safety car period and rain
The goal was to finish!! --that we did, comfortably -- 5th from 20 and 3rd in class
The car never missed a beat and there was ~15 litres of fuel left
It now seems to be reliable and confidant


hooly dooley -- 12 months has zoomed by already -- car being very reliable - kick the tyres add fuel and go
Early this season saw a bent valve due to a broken spring retainer , removed head, hammered said valve straight, (kidding) replaced spring retainer , reassembled --still going well after 3 events
This w'end coming, have an invitation to the all historics in groups MOQR Sports cars-- lots of old cars and old people, bit of fun