Aussie RCR T70 capers

The thread title refers to 'caper(1)', your berries etc refer to 'caper(2)'... & Flatchat could be considered very frisky for his advancing years!!, but you probably already know that or should...:)


Interesting demographics in that race
1 Mosler 7 Litre driver age 76 Major Aus truck trailer manufacturer "Lusty Trailers"
2 Datsun 3.3 Litre -- 50ish S E mechanic
3 Minetti 1.2Litre --74 retired, merchant navy engineer
4 RCR T70 5.7 Litre -- 64 senior master craftsman mech tech
5 MX5 1.8 litre turbo -- 40s ex teacher, coal train driver
6 mx5 1.8 late teens
7 mx5 1.8 late 60s SE electrician


See if this works -- otherwise its way outa my pay scale :)[/url]
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Chris Not for me either. This is what I get.

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